Grassroots Contacts previously facilitated the affiliation of nearly 200 grassroots organizers, in as many cities, and nearly 40 countries. You can now find a list of groups and contacts here. is no longer able to consistently provide networking and organizing for grassroots activist groups. That function has been handed off to James Hufferd, founder of 9/11 Truth of Central Iowa. He has taken up this challenge separately from and has created an organization, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization, with the website, for this very purpose. James can be reached via the contact form at that site. We encourage readers to become active in organizing and promoting the cause of 9/11 truth.

James submitted the following op-ed to readers as he undertook this new venture in 2010.

Message from 911 Truth Grassroots Coordinator

by James Hufferd
Founder, 911 Truth of Central Iowa

This particular posting is directed specifically to everyone who visits the web site, to currently listed 911 Truth grassroots organizers and potential grassroots organizers (which, I believe, includes everyone else!) If you are acquainted with and persuaded by even part of the tremendous amount of hard and circumstantial evidence that, in some cases, I believe proves, by the standards of any fair court, and in other cases merely indicates or suggests that the 9/11 crimes against our country were not the work of foreign (notably Arab Muslim) terrorists, I don’t see how you, or anyone, can with a clear conscience merely sit on that unfortunately rare and vital knowledge. That’s because such knowledge, as differentiated from merely having a hunch or an opinion, is an invaluable commodity in this tormented age, to be wholeheartedly invested and shared with everyone in sight. If you are conversant with the clear and ample evidence (I would say proof) that agents within our own government and corporatocracy, perhaps along with agents of one or more allies, were quite certainly responsible, you need to involve yourself actively and tirelessly in the work of informing everyone of that evidence in order to help to turn around the conventional wisdom on that vital subject, which can be done.

You, as a possessor of that all-too-rare truth, cannot simply let it rest. If you know and care, you no longer have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines or opting out of your quite serious moral obligation to work and scheme (“conspire”, if you will) together with others until your country (or, if you are not American, your country), is fully woken up to the fact that killers and killer agencies are 1) still at large, 2) frequently honored as public benefactors and “security” personnel, and 3) are every bit as operative, malevolent, and dangerous as ever, if not more so. If your daily personal or professional routine outranks to the extent of eliminating justice from your priorities, or if you find yourself too comfortable on your way up the ladder to risk shaking the ladder, you probably won’t even understand what I’m talking about here. If, however, you want to do your share in compelling justice to prevail, we, the world, need you. And if you desire to see powerful perpetrators of the still-unfolding nightmare of chaos and outrages we’re still confronted with and offended by daily overseas and right here at home rounded up and prosecuted as common –not privileged –criminals, with common Americans by and large made fully aware of and vigilant against any background “shadow government” in the future, then we need — the world needs — your continuing (or returning) attention, commitment, and help!

I must confess I waited an unconscionably long time to become involved. In the late summer of 2007, after collecting and being convinced literally for years of the truth of books revealing the “magic trick” and government involvement aspects of 9/11, I finally “woke up” and sprang into action. A mild-mannered part-time bespectacled college teacher at the time, I signed up as a grassroots activist, sought and gained the cooperation of my local small-town public library in Adel, Iowa (population 3,800) to serve as the venue for an initial meeting, conferred with myself, checked my crowded agenda, and settled on a date (9/10/07). I announced in a free paper a forum to explore responsibility for 9/11, invited a handful of friends, and put up a few posters. I didn’t really expect anyone to come (and sort of wished I hadn’t done it). But 5 showed up. We watched and discussed the video “Press for Truth” and decided to meet again in a month.

We’ve now met for 37 consecutive monthly meetings, have no memberships, but operate from a call list of well over a hundred people (slightly over half male), and up to 50 show up attend our regular meetings, always held sometime during the third week of each month. We’ve attempted to stick strictly to 9/11 as our theme. We usually screen a current relevant DVD, though sometimes we invite and learn from a prominent speaker. We have also hosted a number of special events in the city of Des Moines, twenty miles from our home meeting site. Some of our regular attendees come from over a hundred miles away, because there is still no other such organization in this whole state. Having viewed and discussed the latest evidence from productions on film for three years, and read and discussed on our own, our group is becoming known in the Truth movement for being knowledgeable and informed. In addition, we have distributed free some 13,000 copies of a great variety of permitted DVDs throughout our area. We’ve gotten featured in the statewide press a number of times and have managed to not only host David Ray Griffin at a venue in Des Moines attended by 300 people, but have also gotten him interviewed twice on a popular radio talk show with a daily audience of over 100,000, and gotten another interview written up in the state’s largest newspaper by its leading columnist. Our only income is from donations.

So, then, to become properly involved, do you need to do what I / we have done in your part of the country? Frankly, it wouldn’t hurt! Although some 250 “grassroots organizers” are currently listed on the new website, a shockingly low total of a dozen or less of you good, self-identified, well-intended Truthers are currently active, or have ever actually organized an ongoing group. Some of you, I am sure, have taken steps in that direction and have contributed in other ways. Yet, we need desperately to see something like 150 or 200 of us doing essentially what a few are doing, and keep on doing, NOW!

Speaking for myself, I have no special background or talent in group organization or activism. And no experience is necessary! Some stamina or persistence — stubbornness — is called for. You simply can’t be on one month and off the next. The people who attend our meetings are entirely self-selected, people within driving distance (some from 100 miles away) who are initially curious, or interested in the topic and our mission, and care about our country. So, you don’t need to know dozens of activists to get started. In fact, I’m sure similar people live right where you do, too. “Build it and they will come!” So, just ask yourself: If not me, who? (as some of you undoubtedly once did…).

I can guarantee that if we had 150 or 200, or 1,000, groups like ours (which itself still needs a lot of improvement) at work in every part of this country and beyond — 1,000 groups would be about 1 per every 3 counties — we would be heard! Our schemes for effective outreach would multiply, and our derelict political “leaders” and media would not be able to keep the simple, sensible, POWERFUL message we have to end all this craziness away from the general populace or outside the main national agenda. My advice? Contact me via and re-commit to building our network and doing whatever you can.

True, it’s been 9 years now. But the nation, our “leaders” and the press have been immovable — set in stone — in part because we have not done our part, as PEOPLE WHO KNOW! Let’s take our cue from the Abolitionists of the 1800’s. They faced a similar taboo, imposed for similar reasons, and they didn’t give up after a year or two, did they? A little, persistent noise in your car while you’re out driving will get you to check it out — it doesn’t take a huge boom or bang to realize that something is wrong. And, we ought to be able to create a little persistent noise everywhere throughout the country, until everyone hears it! And that’s basically all we need to do. It’s still not time to quit trying or to let our country go.

As someone committed to seeing this worthy effort through, I’d like to hear from as many of you as possible. If anyone has a question or comment, an idea, or wants to discuss any of this, please feel free! And, I’ll try to stay in touch. Again, my personal email address is: My phone number is on the Grassroots list. Please coordinate with our new web site!

James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Founder, 911 Truth of Central Iowa
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization