Heroes — 11th of Every Month

“Truth or consequence, say it aloud! Use that evidence, race it around!” – Foo Fighters: My Hero. This goes out to all the 9/11 Truth Heroes Worldwide!

11th of the Month Action Report from Sydney:
G’day all,

Sydney Truth Action was on the street two days this month Sun Aug 10th and Mon Aug 11th and we plan on getting out again one more time at the end of the month, probably Saturday 23rd of August in Glebe and Surry Hills.

We are currently trying to get the word out about the “NO FEAR TRILOGY” Three Truth Events in September please go to www.truthaction.org.au for info.

What we continue to observe at these Truth Actions is that we are not considered “to be insane” anymore rather we tend to get “no interest” or “encouragement” from people we challenge with the truth of 9/11.

It was interesting to see we were filmed by a pro camera man from across the street and I also believe a reporter interviewed me although he did not say so. We received many peoples assurances that they will be attending our upcoming events in September and we have handed out well over two thousand of our excellent A5 card fliers. We put together an info pack that comprised of a Deception Dollar, a 11 Facts Card and a “NO FEAR TRILOGY” flier. This is an impressive combo as the dollar gets the interest and the facts card shows why we are doing what we are and the flier gives the reader the opportunity to act by joining us at a choice of three different types of events in September. (PDF flyer will be downloadable soon from www.911oz.com.)

Kind regards, John – Sydney Truth Action

Contacts for groups worldwide are at the Grassroots Organizers Page: 911truth.org/Grassroots