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9/11 Truth in hip-hop began with Paris. No stranger to political controversy, this hip-hop legend came out of retirement to confront the man whose Daddy he stalked a decade earlier on the cover of his 1992 release Sleeping with the Enemy.

His latest release, Sonic Jihad, could be called the first CD dedicated to 9/11 Truth. Paris narrated the GNN classic  documentary Aftermath, and is well known for his controversial 1992 song Bush Killa. Secret Service has investigated Paris due to the content of his art.

Immortal Technique
destroys the official version of what really happened on 9/11 in his second CD, “Revolutionary Vol. 2.” On track 13 titled, The Cause of Death, Tech made the first ever published hip-hop commentary on the physical collapse of the Twin Towers, saying:

I was watchin’ the towers,

and though I wasn’t the closest

I saw them crumble to the earth

like they were full of explosives

Tech released the song Bin Laden featuring which is the most blunt, direct song for 9/11 Truth in history. No one has tackled the topic of 9/11 Truth with more ferocity than Tech. Tech managed to pull in another prominent hip-hop star into the 9/11 Truth fold, Mos Def, who is featured on the song’s chorus.


Photo of Jadakiss


After Immortal Technique, Jadakiss followed suit in his #1 single, Why? where he penned the line, “Why did Bush knock Down the Towers?” His CD sold over 240,000 copies in its first week. When asked why he wrote the line he responded, “A lot of my people felt [Bush] had something to do with it.”

Jadakiss later backed off when he told the Washington Post, “Obviously it’s just a metaphor.” Nevertheless, the meme has already been passed on to millions of hip-hop fans across the world.

has become a hip-hop mogul having released his own line of clothing as well as launching a very successful record label of his own – Shady Records. Taking a leap into politics was not what most expected him to do.

But the groundwork had been laid in 2002, when Eminem teamed up with GNN.tv to produce a politically charged video for his controversial song White America, which never made it to TV. It has been broadcast on the Internet only – and behind Eminem when he performs it live.

In October of 2004, Em teamed up with GNN.tv again to produce a video for Mosh, which reenacts Bush in Booker elementary school on 9/11 reading about a pet goat while America was under attack. This time the video received massive exposure, climbing up to #1 on MTV’s TRL. Recently Eminem has started his own channel on Sirius  Satellite Radio – Shady 45.
Eminem boasts that he will use Shady 45 to launch  “exclusive and uncensored hip-hop.”

Photo of Eminem



In 2002, Clarity released the song buddy buddy which raced across the Internet when Eric Blumrich made a video
for the song chronicling U.S. Air Force response on the morning of 9/11 stating:

There must’ve been a military order

The song is featured on the group’s 2nd CD titled This is not
a Test
. The CD also includes the song Seven which focuses on the still unexplained implosion of WTC 7 on 9/11.

See WTC 7 collapse

The group is fronted by Michael Kane, a noted journalist and leading 9/11 Truth researcher.

This is not a Test
is truly a unique CD. Besides being a hip-hop/rock hybrid that defies categorization, the lyrical content merges hip-hop prose with journalism in a way that has never been done before.

M1 & Stickman of Dead Prez took a different approach dealing with 9/11 when Stickman in the song, Know Your Enemy, wrote the following:

September 11th, televised, worldwide,
suicide planes falling like
bombs from out the sky
They wasn’t aimin’ at us, Not in my house!

They hit the World Trade, the Pentagon
and almost got the Whitehouse

The chorus of the song repeats:

Know your enemy, know yourself, that’s the politic
George Bush is way worse than Bin Laden is.

Know your enemy, know yourself, that’s the politic
FBI, CIA, the real terrorists



Pictured in between Chuck D & Parisis Davey D – a hip-hop
legend, journalist and activist. Because of the Interest hip-hop took into 9/11 Truth, Davey D’s website has  become an ally of sorts to the 9/11 Truth Movement. His
site is where culture, politics & hip-hop come crashing together.

Keidi Obi Awadu represents much more than hip-hop. His progressive African radio broadcast is on the cutting edge of almost every political & cultural topic – including 9/11. LIBradio was one of the first media outlets to respond to the 9/11 attacks in search of truth, and features activists from NY9/11Truth frequently on his broadcast.

Photo of Keidi Obi Awadu


Keidi Obi Awadu and Immortal Technique both joined the 50 Sept. 11 families and 100 celebrities who signed the 911 Truth Statement. (article:NL)
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