Hungry for Truth — Day 11

Blair Gadsby went to the doctor on this day of his hunger strike for 911 Truth.
11 days with out food and the doctor gave him a clean bill of health! Blair
is committed to seeing this thing through and will not compromise his request
of two hours of McCains time. Good weather permitting a plane is scheduled to
toe a 35 foot banner on friday between 5pm and 7pm, a rally of the movement
here in Phoenix has been set for that time in front of McCain’s office. The
banner will read “Google Hunger Strike for 911 Truth” the plane will
be over McCains office around 5pm for 15 to 20 minutes and then fly all over
the valley. With the plane in the air now would be a good time to call local
Radio and TV stations! Are you as hungry as we are?

Hungry for Truth — Day 10

The good news is just that, NEWS Coverage! Seeing a hard copy of the paper
this morning gave Blair a big boost of energy. KTVK Channel 3 sent out a camera
man this morning and interviewed Blair. Shortly after noon two McCain Staff
Members came out to the curb and offered to sit down with Blair, Gage and Jones
and allow them to present our side of the story to McCain’s staff, Blair stood
his ground and once again stated that he must have a two hour sit down with
McCain and allow media to be present.

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