Interview with New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Alten

December 27, 2007

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The Shell Game by Steve Alten

New York Times bestselling author Steve Alten is releasing a novel January
22nd which addresses the 9/11 stand down, the injection of false radar blips
into air traffic controllers’ screens, PNAC, the 9/11 Commission whitewash,
the Anthrax attacks, and related issues.

Written in the exciting, cloak-and-dagger style of Tom Clancy, the novel —
The Shell Game — has a shot at educating a large segment of the American public
who would otherwise remain in the dark about some aspects of 9/11.

Alten is well-aware of media censorship of 9/11 truth (for example, he agrees
with this analysis, he also sent me an advance copy of the book), and is trying
to break through the media blockade using his resume as bestselling author to
spread his message.

I just finished reading The Shell Game, and caught up with Alten by email.

GW: I really like The Shell Game, Steve. It had me on the edge of my seat,
and I stayed up later than I should have a couple of nights to finish it.

SA: My books tend to be … page-turners. The Shell Game does that and adds
another twist … it’s all real, or it predicts what may really happen unless
we stop the insanity. To stop it you must first be aware of it.

GW: If enough people read The Shell Game, it could bypass media censorship
regarding 9/11 and reach people who would otherwise not be exposed to the facts.
But if it doesn’t sell well, then it will simply be an entertaining read for
those already aware of the facts behind 9/11. So how are your efforts to promote
The Shell Game going?

SA: We’ve been getting copies into the hands of key 9/11 groups over the last
six months. Now it’s up to them to create a buzz … along with my mainstream

GW: The Shell Game reads like a mix of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum and Dan Brown.
Are those 3 authors all influences on your writing?

SA: Clancy, Thomas Harris, Ian Fleming…among others.

GW: Your discussions about 9/11 will be familiar to those who have studied
the issue. In addition to Michael Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon and David Ray
Griffin’s writings, what other 9/11 writings do you like?

SA: 9/ And videos like Loose Change.

GW: My father-in-law says that people predicted Peak Oil decades ago, and were
proven wrong. Does the discovery of the massive new oil reserve in Brazil change
your conviction that Peak Oil is upon us?

SA: Unless it is as big as Ghawar … no. Oil IS running out. If not, do you
seriously believe we’d have invaded Iraq?

GW: I’ve heard before that many of the world’s top microbiologists have been
killed under suspicious circumstances, but I’ve never heard anyone link their
deaths to an alleged plot to reduce world population through biological warfare.
That was the scariest part of the book for me. Do you have any evidence that
the elites are really planning a massive depopulation of this kind?

SA: Read Rubicon and extrapolate Peak Oil.

GW: Well, I hope you’re wrong. In any event, thanks, Steve. I hope the book
does well.

SA: With your help it will … for all of us.

UPDATE: Bill Douglas, Janice Matthews, David Ray Griffin, Kevin Ryan, Dr. Robert
Bowman and several other prominent 9/11 activists have just signed the following
endorsement for The Shell Game:

We, the undersigned, urge everyone seeking truth, peace and justice, to not
only purchase this new novel, “The Shell Game,” but also to email
out this appeal to all you know who seek truth, peace and justice in the form
of 9/11 truth coming out. In turn, please urge them to do the same with all
their contacts and urge them to do the same. We can break 9/11 truth open if
we work together and focus on this project for the next 30 days.

Yours in 9/11 truth, peace and justice,

Bill Douglas, 911 Visibility Project

Janice Matthews – Executive Director
David Ray Griffin – 9/11 Researcher and Author
Kevin Ryan -former UL chemistry laboratory manager & NIST report whistle
Dr. Robert Bowman – Rtd. Colonel US Air Force, 9/11 truth leader;
Cosmos – “The Eleventh Day of Every Month” Campaign
Carol Brouillet – Organizer of 1st National 9/11 Truth Conference in San Francisco
Mike Berger – “Improbable Collapse” Documentary Producer – 911Truth
David Kubiak – Board member
Kevin Barrett