Interview with Sander Hicks: 9/11 Author, Candidate For NY Governor


Sander Hicks, Green Party Candidate for New York Governor, is the author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers, and The Cover-Up.

He recently appeared on the Majority Report with Janeane Garafolo, available here.


1) What was it about 9/11 that prompted you to question the official story, and when?

Well, it wasn’t that hard. I was already friendly with Ruppert and Hopsicker, we all knew each other from anti-Bush underground publishing circles. None of us had written books yet, though. So I read everything they wrote for the internet, before they published books.

But in terms of that a-ha, snapping of the mental membrane kind of moment, it was probably Barrie Zwicker’s TV show in Canada. Which is also one of the first times I downloaded a video file from the net. Funny how web-based video started to really happen right around the same time as our movement. Maybe historians will 100 years from now explain that this is how the 9/11 Truth Movement took power and changed things: the technology just fell into their hands at the right time.

2) In your book, The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers, & The Cover-Up, you focus on the people who have come forward with something to say about 9/11. As you know, Eliot Spitzer recently blocked Dietrich Snell from testifying at the Able Danger hearings brought forward by Rep. Curt Weldon. What are your feelings regarding Eliot Spitzer’s actions?

It’s a great opportunity for his political opponents, because it shows what kind of Democrat he is. There are those rare progressive dems, but mostly you have militarist hacks like Spitzer. His guy Snell has been tangled up in the pseudo legal defense of Ramzi Yousef, of the ’93 World Trade Center bombing. Snell should have been a witness to the 9/11 Commission; instead, he was hired by them, as one of their own. This week, a few maverick Republicans went after the ghostly existence of Mohamed Atta in a year 2000 Pentagon drill called Able Danger. They want to talk to Snell. But Spitzer wouldn’t let Snell talk to them. What is the meaning of that? It’s pretty naked. It means that Spitzer has distinctly gone into business with the CIA/ISI/black operations that pulled off, and then covered up, 9/11. It means that Spitzer knows all about the truth behind 9/11, because his people were involved in it, the way he and his people were involved in the 1993 bombing.

3) Eliot Spitzer has recently brought forth a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency for “failing to divulge information about levels of toxins that paint manufacturers are allowed to release into the air.” Considering what’s taking place as a result of the environmental disaster that was 9/11, and the blatant cover-up, don’t you think Mr. Spitzer could have focused his efforts elsewhere?

Anyone with a nose could smell the burnt plastic and polystyrene in microscopic particles in the air after 9/11. It takes more courage to go up against the international elite. Spitzer can’t go up against them–he IS them. This guy was born with a ton of money, born in Riverdale to upper-class Austrian Jewish emigres. Look at the biography of Bush. Privilige is not the breeding ground of the kinds of life lessons that make one courageous for the people. But Spitzer is careful to cultivate an image of a populist attorney. So, this calls for a propaganda war right back at the created image.

4) Regarding 9/11, you have said that it is a “political issue.” In your opinion, what are some things people can do to bring 9/11 to the table?

Build teams. Work together. Form coalitions that aren’t just called coalitions. That means working as a group, and then you can get hooked up with other groups. But you’ve got to BE a group first. Today at a demo people were shouting their own slogans at the top of their lungs, solo. They sounded berserk, like they were possessed. It turned a lot of people off. I showed my wife the video tape and she was like,”O My God, I would have run from those people.”

But if you know how to build teams, the sky’s the limit. Run for office. Or urge the friends among your circle who you think have the calling to run for office. Go Green. It’s the only party out there who takes the subject of 9/11 seriously. 9/11 is a hot political issue–and the implications have revolutionary, mass-movement possibilities.

5) The Green Party recently called for the impeachment of George W. Bush. What are some of the things they are doing to promote his impeachment?


OK, that was a joke.

I’d like to say forming a coalition of the willing in Congress, but that would be a poorer joke. But seriously, I bet you the future’s first Green US Congressperson is out there and is probably reading this right now. You’re a hero. You’re going to help bring about the change. The shift. You’re a shaper of the shift. There’s that magic out there, and it’s in all of us. The answer is right before our eyes.

One of the objectives of this governor’s race is to get the Green Party back on all the state-wide ballots, so that it’s easier to win in places where the Green Party wins elections right now: at the town and city level. And 50,000 votes to get ballot access is a winnable goal. That’s this campaign’s short goal, and its long goal. Once we’re back on the ballot, we will win even more city and town level offices. Today we have ten in NY State. The shift has started. The future is up for grabs. But the future is on our side, because peace, and real economic development, and creativity are all on our side.

6) What makes you different from other candidates running for Governor of New York?


10. My band played Warped Tour.

9. I’m a Roman Catholic, in the Catholic Worker/direct-action-anti-war/John Dear/Dan Berrigan/Dorothy Day tradition.

8. My nine month old son plays the drums.

7. I’ve hitch-hiked the country a number of times, and have hopped freights.

6. I have a personal relationship with the ghost of Walt Whitman.

5. My wife is releasing a CD titled, “Why Am I Not a Lesbian,” and I am okay with it. We both were temporarily in the ISO, at different times, in different cities. She left, I was ejected.

4. I’ve been sued by Dallas real estate magnates who are friends with the Bush Family.

3. I’ve appeared in Men’s Italian Vogue.

2. I was one of the first in the country to really get Karl Rove.

and… #1, Paul … I’m friends with Dead Prez and Ian MacKaye.

7) Is Holley Anderson (your wife) finding success with her musical career?

It’s awesome. She just recorded her first CD and we had a blast in the studio. has some of the new tracks. I play guitar on this record. Her music is brilliant and tough and fantastic and I love it. Her song-writing has thrived in New York City. She’s looking for gigs now.

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