Is There Any Truth in ‘The 9/11 Truth Movement?’


By Steve Hammons

Research analyst

April 28, 2005

Some Americans and people around the world are wondering more about the 9/11 attacks. Questions are being asked and frightening allegations are being made.

“The 9/11 Truth Movement” is a phrase being used to describe a wide range of people and organizations who are asking these questions and digging up information that appears on the surface to be quite serious if true.

One of the major questions being asked is if anyone in the U.S. Government had foreknowledge that a terrorist attack was being planned using airliners as weapons. And if so, did they deliberately allow the attacks to occur so this new Pearl Harbor-like event would create a desired climate in America.

The idea that officials within our government would allow innocent Americans to be killed to advance other goals and agendas is difficult for many to believe. Surely this is impossible. Yet, 9/11 investigators keep coming up with allegations that make us wonder.

Researchers within The 9/11 Truth Movement put forth interesting allegations and hypothesize about possible motivations for powerful people to want an event like the 9/11 attacks to occur. The investigative reports, facts, theories, allegations and hypotheses are spelled out in several books, films and Web sites.

Below are a few of the many allegations being made about the 9/11 attacks:

– Financial investments of various kinds immediately before the 9/11 indicate that there was quite specific pre-knowledge of the attacks and how they would be carried out.

– Intelligence agencies from several countries had specific or more general knowledge about the 9/11 attacks. Some foreign intelligence agencies warned the U.S., and some agencies allowed the attacks to happen to further their own agendas. The hijackers may have even been previously identified and tracked by intelligence agents.

– Warnings were given to certain people not to fly around the time frame 9/11, or not to be in the Twin Towers.

– Something happened that interfered with the U.S. Air Force’s ability to scramble fighter jets in a timely manner to respond to the hijacking of the airliners. An air defense “drill” may have been underway that confused the situation and obscured the nature of the events unfolding on 9/11 for air traffic controllers, NORAD, the Air Force and others.

– The airliner that went down in Pennsylvania was actually shot down by an armed U.S. aircraft of some kind.

– The Pentagon was actually hit by a missile or drone of some kind, not a large airliner.

– Certain people and countries wanted the U.S. to suffer a traumatic terror attack to advance their agendas in the Middle East.

– Certain people wanted the U.S. to invade Iraq and realized a Pearl Harbor-like event would be needed to persuade the American people to go along with an invasion. And that the invasion of Iraq was not related to weapons of mass destruction, but rather a complex combination of various factors that included allies in the region, oil, defense industry profits, U.S. domestic politics and other factors.

These allegations, questions and some actual facts surrounding the 9/11 attacks are contributing to the apparent growth of The 9/11 Truth Movement. As investigators continue to look into these matters, more information will undoubtedly surface in the months ahead.

Americans and the international community will certainly continue to wonder about these issues and be curious as to if there is any truth to them. The questions do not seem to be going away.

Steve Hammons is the author of two novels about a special intelligence team called the Joint Reconnaissance Study Group. The books, MISSION INTO LIGHT and the sequel LIGHT’S HAND, are available from Barnes & Noble, and many booksellers worldwide. Visit the books section for more information. Hammons’ home page about the novels is:


Re: Is there any truth in ‘The 9/11 Truth Movement?’ Comment

by CarolBrouillet on Apr 28, 2005 – 10:42 PM

In January 2002, a delegation of people from Human Rights and Peace organizations marched on our Senators and Congresswoman’s offices to demand a Congressional Investigation of 9-11. We raised some of the questions raised in the article, but also a key question that was not mentioned- Why were top US government officials meeting from September 3rd- September 13th with the “Money Man Behind 9-11” (who had $100,000 wired to Mohammed Atta- identified by the FBI as the lead terrorist in the attack on the WTC)? Immediately Bush and Cheney asked Daschle to limit the investigations and have the “official inquiry” limited to “intelligence failures” and headed by the CIA and the very men who should have been investigated. Porter Goss and Bob Graham (who chaired the joint House/Senate Intelligence Oversite Committee’s official Inquiry) on the morning of September 11th were having breakfast with the ISI’s Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad who ordered the $100,000 to be wired to Atta. Whatever the truth is about September 11th, we do know that the government is lying about it, covering it up, destroying evidence, and has presented “unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about what happened” to sell their wars to the American people and to justify their trashing of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the construction of the National Security State.

I organized the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11, Phase One in March 2004. Since then many inquiries, citizen organized juries, have been organized to bring forward information that has been ignored by the mainstream press and the government. I believe the best hope for this country and the world is that the truth movement join with the peace and justice movements to break this story and demand accountability of the criminal activities of the highest government officials who have betrayed this country and cling to power using terrorism and war to frighten people into silent submission.

The best historical parallel to 9-11 is the Reichstag Fire. David Ray Griffin’s new book- The 9-11 Report- Ommissions and Distortions is a damning look at the “Cover-Up Commission” and his recent well attended speech in Madison, Wisconsin will be aired on C-Span April 30th at 10:30 am EST.

Carol Brouillet

Organizer of the San Francisco Internal Inquiry into 9-11

Publisher of the Deception Dollar

Co-Founder of the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance


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