It’s Time to Speak Truth to Power


By James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Founder, 911 Truth of Central Iowa

When I was living in Brazil as an academic two decades ago, the country’s
powerful military, after years of running the show, cut a deal with the ascendant
progressive civilian politicians giving them full latitude unimpeded within
a certain sphere, but leaving other aspects of the country’s affairs strictly
and permanently under military control. The result was Brazil’s new Constitution
of 1988, which made voting a compulsory duty of citizenship. As a result, no
non-progressive candidate for the presidency has gotten anywhere since. But
elective civilian power is strictly limited.

It strikes me that the relationship between the constitutional government
of the U.S. and its para-military security services, the tools of shadow dictators
of multinational mega-business, has gotten to be strikingly similar. If my observation
is correct, it would largely explain the seeming cowardice and complicit status
of the whole Congress, vis-à-vis the rogue executive branch and its repeated
trampling of the Constitution in recent years: Congress, including its progressives,
simply knows where the line is. And Congress knows, even in advance, that the
Executive, brought to heel by the shadow government’s board of directors,
will disdain the Constitution and public opinion in carrying out its ruthlessly
enforceable “agreement” with the true sovereigns of the United States.

I am as dismayed as anyone that our new, more progressive President has not
so far turned out to be a change agent in the vital sphere of civil liberties
and restoring accountability through due process. But, my take is a bit different
than most: I suspect that he doesn’t govern as an enlightened democratic
leader, responsive to the public will and constitutional mandates, because he
can’t. Like his recent “progressive” predecessors
(maybe more than them, because he was maybe not supposed to gain the presidency),
he governs with a gun to his head. Even so, he might have a scheme in mind and
make a dash to put it into effect at some point. Highly intelligent JFK, like
Lincoln earlier, tried a gambit (by way of disestablishing the Fed and introducing
the “Greenback”, respectively) to defeat the encroaching financial
masters. And, apparently, both paid.

Recently, writers in this space such as Michael Hasty have speculated as to
whether Mr. Obama knows essentially what we know or conclude regarding the evidence
and “inside job” responsibility for 9/11. The other day, in his
speech in Cairo, the President obliquely addressed that important question,
expressing both wonderment and more than a tinge of impatient anger at those
(presumably including us 9/11 Truthers) who have come to be characterized of
late as “9/11 deniers”, attempting to equate us with the hated “Holocaust
deniers.” How, he asked pointedly, could they (we) dispute the
“undeniable fact” that Al Qaeda had carried out those monstrous

It seems to me that, if Obama was expressing his true feelings and state of
knowledge concerning 9/11, it presents us an opportunity not to be missed. (Question:
How could he not know what we know? Answer: It’s not been one of his focuses,
as it has been ours
). Accordingly, we should, from our own state of knowledge
regarding the evidence that informs us clearly that others, not Al
Qaeda or Osama bin Laden, had to have engineered and carried out the operation,
speak truth to power, address the Executive Branch and the President
just as forcefully as we can, until the man’s rage at “9/11 deniers”
forces him to find out just how it is that anyone otherwise sane can possibly
think that way. We need to drive him mad with that question, not lay
low. Then, being a highly intelligent man, he will have to come to grips, like
anyone else, with the actual evidence of the implausibility of the official
story, the presence and undeniable meaning of the thermate, the plethora of
unexplainable incongruencies, all of the powerful ground zero testimonies, and
the absurdity of the confiscated and destroyed evidence, paying off of likely
litigants, and deliberately thwarted court venues. And then, he’ll know!

Believing that we really need to speak truth to power, rather than just complain
that those with power don’t serve our desires automatically, I have produced
a short document summarizing our basic case, entitled “A Declaration
and Proposal to the Obama Administration
“, which has been included
in full below. I think we should, as an organization or league of organizations,
submit this communication or something like it directly to the Obama administration,
and also post it as widely as we can as an informative open letter. Please
consider and respond to HufferdCruzeiro [at] aol [dot] com with your thoughts.



June 13, 2009
By James Hufferd

We in the 911 Truth movement would like to point out that the 9/11 attacks
constitute the largest crimes in U.S. history for which no full and formal criminal
investigation has ever been undertaken. As a result, large segments of the public
understandably believe that the public officials in charge have placed a higher
priority on concealing the truth than on the nation’s need for the understanding
and resolution guaranteed by our constitutional system of jurisprudence. Not
surprisingly, given the seeming misfeasance imposed by a strong and heavily-conditioned
reluctance to investigate on any level, polls over the years have indicated
that upwards of 40 percent of all Americans, and higher proportions in the New
York City area, believe that agents and operatives within the U.S. government
were at least complicit in the planning and execution of the crimes.

Several troubling issues related to the criminal acts committed against the
United States on September 11, 2001 still remain unresolved, and we believe
that this is responsible for the fact that America is largely unrecovered, in
terms of its aplomb and its agenda, to this day. Many thousands of U.S. citizens,
and of our friends in numerous other countries, are active in various organizations
that are part of the unconsolidated 911 Truth movement, the motivations of which
– frequently mischaracterized and misunderstood – are to review
the available evidence from that day and, in view of the lack of an objective
official inquiry into what happened and why, to spread the word as widely as
possible regarding what is objectively known. Due to the diligence of independent
investigators and scholars affiliated with the movement, among whom are a number
of eminent scientists and thinkers, engineers, pilots, firefighters, and former
agency personnel, much is known. And, due to the circumstance that very much
of the official explanation of what happened clearly “doesn’t add
up,” a sizable portion of the public remains skeptical and distrustful
of the government’s response to the endlessly-cited “attacks,”
and thus distrustful of government actions and motivations in general.

The fact that the national media has remained in lockstep with the government
by repeating the official version is particularly noteworthy. Increasingly,
the scenario being sold is widely distrusted by an incredulous portion of the
public due to its seeming inanity. The official story, revealed implausible
by the facts, bolsters the conclusion, extremely widespread currently, that
we live in a state with a controlled, less-than-free media.

And so, it follows that a good way to perpetuate the public’s growing
conclusion that we live in a society that is at bottom unfree and undemocratic
would be to keep the lid on confiscated 9/11 evidence (such as the 85 undisclosed
videotapes from and of the Pentagon taken that morning, which presumably show
what happened), and to continue to shut the rest of the abundant evidence, as
well as the voluminous first response testimony contradicting the official account
of events, out of the regular courts that normally would have jurisdiction,
as well as the news media. We believe that no display of “change”
by the Obama administration will dispel the aura of distrust fostered by the
official lack of openness and objectivity, and the continued withholding of
evidence regarding the events of 9/11.

We would assume that you who are presently in the positions of command would
also want and need to know the truth or falsity of the main supposition on which
both of our current wars and other crucial aspects of our current national policy,
foreign and domestic, are based. We also believe that the essential truth about
9/11 will openly emerge at some point, since there are so many initiatives currently
working toward it.

Below, we will suggest a way to legitimately eliminate the distrust fostered
by the official lack of information about 9/11 and determine the true source
of responsibility for the egregious and unlawful acts of mass murder and destruction
on that day, without unleashing a political firestorm.

As informed and concerned citizens, knowing that the explanation officially
given out by the Bush administration and not yet withdrawn does not conform
in any essential respect to the verifiable facts regarding those events, we
implore the Obama administration not to accept at face value the inherited official
version of 9/11 or its conclusions, including assignment of the authorship of
the crimes. In this connection, we must not lose sight of the fact that said
official version was miraculously issued full-blown, essentially in present
form, without time for due inquiry or investigation, within a day or two after
the events themselves. It is our studied opinion that to accept the Bush administration
version would be to dismiss the conclusions of a considerable body of sound
science applied in the years since, and deny the demands of justice, made by
many victim families and countless others, for the sake of mere political convenience
– something your administration has pointedly said it would not do.

Instead, we believe that a thorough and responsible inquiry into the causes
and nature of those acts of gross criminality committed on our soil and in our
skies should be officially facilitated, abetted and embraced by the Obama administration
as stated below.

First, it must be noted that findings based on what we believe to be a broad
spectrum of mutually supporting evidence indicate that the notorious attacks
could absolutely not have been carried out, nor their disastrous apparent results
achieved, without, at minimum, deliberate and significant collaboration by government

The resulting scenario of terrorist attacks that was produced in the public
mind, and acted upon in what must therefore be viewed as misguided retribution,
is scientifically implausible on a number of counts. In the references appended
to this submission are a number of scientific implausibilities which invalidate
the official story.

However, the evidence that is available, including that which remains classified,
that by all indications would demonstrate what indeed happened, and the falsity
of the official story before an impartial court of law, has been blocked from
introduction into the legal system and the U.S. courts record by deliberate
denial by express government action of any venue in U.S. courts. Furthermore,
additional evidence, such as the 85 videotapes that should back up the official
story of what caused the damage and deaths at the Pentagon, have been withheld
and denied to investigators and the public since the day of the event. Why have
they not been released to put a quick and definitive end to this controversy?

In addition, the massive bulk of the steel left from the destruction of the
WTC buildings was immediately carted away to be melted down offshore. Yet, small,
telling samples thereof, now in the hands of independent investigators, have
been found to clearly indicate the presence of a rare substance (nanothermite)
that proves conclusively that there were extraordinarily powerful set charges
on the site, producing controlled demolition that reduced the massive amount
of concrete in the towers to gray powder.

Other evidence, including dozens of testimonies by on-site witnesses, also
indicates that controlled demolition was used. And, we know that Osama bin Laden
and Al Qaeda could not have had prior access to deposit and position the pyrotechnic
substance found in the samples, a special grade of militarized thermite with
heat-enhancing sulfur known as thermate. We know, and we think you will realize
as well, that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda had no means of bringing the Twin
Towers and WTC Building 7 straight down at near freefall speed, neatly into
their own footprints, using two airplanes and box-cutters. Some entity accorded
the necessary prior access must have done it. Airplanes and flash hydrocarbon
fires don’t turn concrete into powder.

There is much other physical evidence that is inconsistent with the official
account, and a great many statistically improbable coincidences that would have
to all coincide for the official version (a truly “outrageous conspiracy
theory”) to be true. One coincidence not mentioned in the official report,
but discovered independently, is that two of President Bush’s immediate
family members served on the board of the WTC security company until shortly
before the attacks, most highly improbable if by chance. Indeed, much evidence,
both circumstantial and physical, points to insiders having been involved in
the destruction of those three buildings, and to something other than a massive
jet liner having crashed into the Pentagon.

To reiterate, the normally available venues for examining the powerful and
compelling evidence have all been systematically closed off. And 97% of the
surviving relatives who, among others, might very well have mounted cases invoking
serious fact-finding have been bought off by the government, apparently to avoid
the just consequences for hidden participants or to conceal secret projects
and programs carried out on that day.

The duty of the government in this connection, in our view, goes far beyond
the abundant self-justification of the routine exercise of criminal investigation
and the application of due process that is our constitutional right. We believe
that the federal government owes it to the American nation as a whole, having
shelled out hundreds of billions of dollars and sustained an enormous mental
health and blood sacrifice, in a quest for retribution, to facilitate, finally,
the emergence of the truth of what happened on 9/11/01, regardless of any political
exigencies. The truth may turn out to be ugly, disgraceful, and destructive
of cherished myths. But, hindering the truth is dishonorable and, we believe,
would eventually be denounced universally. Neither the country nor the truth
belong to the leaders alone. Theirs (yours) is the high duty to serve both.
Even if the Obama administration should contain persons involved in or complicit
in the crimes, their sworn duty is to the country, and not to the crimes or
to their concealment.

In asking the Obama administration to act to seek the truth, we are with certainty
looking forward, and not back, to the achievement of justice for and deliverance
from those few who still have cause to think they can act with impunity to hold
this nation and the world in bondage to their illegitimate private imperatives.

Toward the end of officially sanctioning and facilitating legal inquiry into
the causes and authorship of the mayhem and injury wrought to this nation in
the course of the 9/11 crimes, we recommend to the Obama administration specifically
the following:

  1. Facilitation of the establishment of a normally selected grand jury presided
    over by an impartial appointed prosecutor, to receive and process all latent
    or extant sworn testimony and evidence bearing on the substance and authorship
    of the crimes at issue.
  2. The release for review by this grand jury of any exhibits or potential evidence
    now in federal custody, and the promise of protection from retribution or
    prejudice in any form for any on-site witnesses or others with relevant knowledge
    or experiences bearing on the events of 9/11/01 and a call for them to step
    forward in the national interest to testify to the grand jury. This grand
    jury must be able to issue subpoenas, findings, and indictments as its proceedings
    may warrant.
  3. The establishment of an Office of 9/11 Resolution under the auspices of
    the Executive Branch, to serve as a clearinghouse for communications and the
    dissemination of information regarding the facts of 9/11 to the public and
    the Legislative Branch. The Office of 9/11 Resolution should also report the
    findings of the 9/11 grand jury to the public, as that grand jury authorizes.
    The appointment of the Director of the Office of 9/11 Resolution to fulfill
    its mandate should be carried out jointly by the Chief Executive or a council
    expressly appointed, from a list of three candidates named by the organization
    of 9/11 victims’ families.

Thus should the impartial 9/11 official inquiry be released and separated from
the normal workings and influences of the government and its officers, and justice



James Hufferd, Ph.D.
founder, 911 Truth of Central Iowa

Recommended Resources on 9/11 Topics

Peer-reviewed Scientific Articles:

Niels H. Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Jones, et al, “Active Thermitic
Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe,”
Open Chemical Physics Journal, Vol. 2 (April 3, 2009): 7-31. (

Paul Zarembka, Ed. The Hidden History of 9-11-2001. Research in Political Economy,
Volume 23. State University of New York. 2006. (

Websites: (top architects and engineers question official version
of 9/11) (senior military, intelligence service personnel,
law enforcement people, professors, scientists, survivors and family members
question 9/11)


These are just the essentials, in my view, to grasp the common objections and
issues at stake.

Dr. David Ray Griffin, “9/11: The Myth and the Reality” (the BEST
overview / introduction)

Dr. Richard Gage, “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” (highly-credible
expose of 9/11 story by a top architect)

Dr. Steven Jones, Prof. Of Physics, BYU, “9/11 Revisited: Scientific
and Ethical Questions”, (a competent walk-through of major remaining 9/11
questions and issues).

“9/11: Press for Truth” and “In Their Own Words”, (a
pair of films highlighting the struggle the 9/11 family members had with official
stonewalling, denial, and indifference in trying to get a fair and thorough
investigation authorized and carried out. They failed and are still trying.)


Again, a small sampling of the best, all highly-recommended for a grounding.

Dr. David Ray Griffin, Debunking 9/11 Debunking, Olive Branch Press,
2007. (a book that effectively dismantles point-by-point, both the official
9/11 conspiracy theory promulgated by the Bush administration and mainstream
media and all the major objections to earlier points made by the 911 Truth movement’s

Dr. David Ray Griffin, 9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress
and the Press
, Olive Branch Press, 2008. (effectively exposes the untruth
of the official story with reference to dozens of unexplained contradictions
and questions. Powerful & compelling).

Dr. David Ray Griffin, Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11, John
Knox Press, 2006. (a leading theologian and 9/11 researcher presents damning
evidence against U.S. agency insiders who are indicated to be the true perpetrators
of the 9/11 crimes in light of
Judeo-Christian values).

Paul Thompson, The Terror Timeline, Year by Year, Day By Day, Hour by Hour,
Regan Books, 2004. (a journalist sleuth’s revealing compilation from reports
in the press of everything that happened on 9/11, in context.

Barry Zwicker, Towers of Deception, The Media Cover-Up of 9/11, New
Society Publishers, 2006. (a top journalist’s rundown and analysis of
the most-glaring anomalies of the 9/11 events and the media’s irresponsibility
in not investigating). Includes a major DVD, “The Great Conspiracy.”

Scientists on Television

“Danish Scientist Niels Harrit, on Nano-thermite in the WTC Dust / English
subtitles”, TV2 News, Denmark, April 6, 2009 (

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