Join up with 911Truth.Org in DC!

Earlier this week, ANSWER included the following statement in their email alert:
“What is necessary to bring about real change, progressive change, is a mass, grassroots people’s movement that brings together the struggles against war and occupation abroad, with the movements for justice at home.”

They could not be more accurate! 9/11 Truth is the core “movement for justice at home,” and we need 9/11 Truth people on the ground in DC to help share that message with activists attending from across the nation. These diverse folks joining the struggle for an end to war in all its forms need to understand that 9/11 is the key to “unplugging the war machine.”

For those of you going to DC who would like to connect with other 9/11 truth activists, we will be meeting at the Einstein Memorial at 2101 Constitution Ave NW (21st St NW at Constitution Ave) between 9-10:00AM on Saturday morning, 9/24, before the march. We will have outreach handout flyers and a small supply of the placards to pass out. At 10AM the all-day Peace & Justice Festival begins on the Washington Memorial grounds under 18 tents–if you don’t find us at the Einstein Memorial go to the festival tents and look for us at either the 911Truth.Org or Peace Resource Project tables on Saturday until 10PM and Sunday from 10AM-6PM. For more info contact: Gabriel Day (831-325-3135) or Les Jamieson (917-658-0132) (cell phones).

For those of you who are unable to make it to DC this weekend, there are many events being organized across the US at which you can also do 9/11 Truth outreach. We have flyers available–you can download flyers and printable signs or email us for copy (

Information on events in other cities can be found at the UFPJ or A.N.S.W.E.R. websites.

Anyone who is able to take photos of this weekend’s events can help by forwarding those to who will continue to update the 911Truth in Action photo albums. And please share written reports of your experiences, as well. Thank you!

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