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Editor's Note: Bravo to the Stratford Gazette ("Stratford, which is known for its cultural contributions, is located between Kitchener and London in the heart of southwestern Ontario."), which is "delivered free on Fridays to 19,700 households and dealers within the community" for publishing this objective news piece authored by journalist Tori Sutton.


A small group of activists hit the streets of downtown Stratford on Saturday to spread the word about perceived inconsistencies in the Sept. 11 World Trade Centre collapse.

Stratford resident Mike Bondi was joined by members of the Kitchener 9/11 Truth group in Market Square, where they handed out flyers and DVDs to passersby.

In an interview last week, Bondi — an engineer who began researching the collapse of the towers a few years ago — said he hoped to share evidence about the buildings’ demise with the public.

“We’re just really looking from a scientific and physical perspective,” Bondi said.

“There’s more than enough evidence to create reasonable doubt that the official story is not consistent with the evidence (presented).”

Though the matter is highly technical, Bondi said the DVD the group hands out does a good job of presenting the evidence. The DVD runs just over two hours, and all information is presented by Richard Gage of California, who founded the group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. It looks at the collapse of the two major towers, along with a smaller building that collapsed around 5 p.m. on Sept. 11, known as Building 7.

“It goes through it in a very scientific manner … he actually describes the scientific method and how he has applied it to the event in New York,” Bondi said.

“It essentially goes through the various points which relate to how the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 have the characteristics of destruction by explosives and none of the characteristics of destruction by fire.”

Some of the evidence includes the fact the towers fell at free fall acceleration, as if there was no resistance below them, despite the fact the buildings were made of heavy-duty construction materials.

There were also eyewitness accounts of explosions and flashes seen in other areas of the buildings, which many believe could only have been caused by demolition charges.

“Those thousands and thousands of tonnes of concrete and steel had to get out of the way virtually instantaneously as if they provided no resistance to the collapse,” he said. “It defies physics, it defies our scientific understanding of how things collapse.”

Pieces of building, including tonnes of steel, glass and concrete, were thrown out of the building, travelling 60 miles per hour and imbedding in buildings 600 feet away. If the buildings did collapse due to fire, Bondi questions why that happened. Molten metal was found in the rubble days after the attack, something that just doesn’t add up, he added.

Officially, the committee charged to investigate the collapse said the building “pancaked,” meaning the joints holding the floors in place buckled one after another due to the weight. But Bondi says that historically, no other buildings have ever collapsed in this manner.

“Ninety-thousand tonnes of metal decking is pulverized in mid-air … that doesn’t make sense,” he said.

Some of his most pressing questions involve Building 7, which was never hit by a plane, and collapsed hours after the attacks.

“Apparently this collapse was caused by the fires, but no steel frame building in history has collapsed solely due to fire,” Bondi said, adding areas of the building were heavily reinforced with bomb-proof materials and bulletproof glass.

“We’re expected to believe that on 9/11, for the first time in history, steel-frame fire proof buildings with thousands of tonnes of concrete and steel collapsed due to fire, all on the same day. It simply does not make sense.”

Derek Manwell, co-founder of the Kitchener 9/11 Truth group, is also troubled by evidence of explosive dust in the rubble. Nano-thermite is a highly advanced explosive composite and Manwell doubts the terrorists would have been able to obtain the substance.

“It’s a military-grade explosive … it’s not something you can buy at the hardware store,” he explained.

Manwell, like many others, never thought twice about the information put forth by the 9/11 Commission until he started researching a few years ago. What he found led him to form the Kitchener group, which is part of the 9/11 truth movement that is active in countries around the world.

On the 11th of each month, members of his group head to the streets to share information with the public. He was pleased his group, which came to the city on the 13th, had a chance to spread the word in Stratford, something he hopes will boost local interest.

“We’re going to Stratford in hopes we can educate the public to a point where they will start their own group to educate people in the area,” Manwell said. “If that happens it would be quite amazing.”

What his group wants — along with others involved in the 9/11 Truth movement — is the US Congress to order a new investigation, with subpoena power.

“There’s so many questions unanswered that need to be answered,” he said. “The families of the victims still have not had their questions answered.”

Adnan Z. has taken an academic approach to finding some of those answers. The graduating mathematical physics student at the University of Waterloo founded the UW 9/11 Research Group two years ago, which has about 20 core members and over 200 supporters.

His group has taken several peer-reviewed papers to professors at the university, but has gotten very little feedback on them.

“As students, we’re not exactly experts, so I think the most responsible thing to do is go to experts and Waterloo has many of them,” said Adnan.

“The group has gone, for the last two years, to our professors in the relevant fields of expertise.

When we go back to them for feedback, unfortunately they say they have no comment.”

He’s also studied economic-related anomalies surrounding 9/11, and points to one academic paper — which has never been challenged — that shows the probability of insider trading in the days leading up to the attacks were between 98 and 99 per cent.

“In the world of probability and economics, it’s basically interpreted as yes, there was insider trading,” he said.

Adnan’s group has brought in several guest speakers, some of which have drawn crowds up to 400 people. It’s essential these events are held, he said, to raise public awareness about discrepancies in the 9/11 Commission’s findings. Feedback collected at one event showed 90 per cent of those in attendance thought a new investigation was needed.

And Bondi hopes another appearance in Stratford in the future will help to continue spreading the word.

He said that 9/11 is a conspiracy by definition, since more than one person was obviously involved, but it’s a more of a question of which theory is most likely based on the balance of evidence — the official story or something else.

“People generally tend to use the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a derogatory term to put down anyone that doesn’t accept the official version,” Bondi said.

“Is it more respectable though to think independently and investigate information not generally found in the mainstream media, or to simply accept what we have been told?”

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