Kucinich Seeks Cheney Impeachment; Americans to Rally Nationwide on Saturday


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NEW YORK, N.Y., April 23, 2007 – Following on today’s announcement by Rep. Dennis Kucinich that he will file Articles of Impeachment against Vice-President Dick Cheney, Americans across the country will take to the streets on April 28 to call for the impeachment of both Cheney and Bush. From Miami, Florida to North Pole, Alaska, more than 100 actions are planned nationwide.

Jacob Park, National Coordinator of the April 28 actions, said “George Bush and Dick Cheney lied the nation into an illegal war of aggression, are spying on millions of innocent Americans, and have authorized the use of torture. The time has come for all Americans—particularly our representatives in Congress—to decide where they stand. To turn a blind eye to lying, spying, and torture makes a mockery of our most basic values and the very notion of democracy.”

On April 28, a visit by George Bush to Miami will be greeted with a massive impeachment rally organized by dozens of local groups. At the California Democratic Convention in San Diego, hundreds of delegates will defy the party leadership by bringing an impeachment resolution to the floor. Thousands of Americans will form “human murals” spelling out “IMPEACH!” with their bodies at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Coney Island in New York, the foot of the Washington monument in Washington, D.C., and other locations. And elsewhere people will spell it out in myriad other ways ranging from banners drops on freeway overpasses to a skywriting plane over the New Orleans Jazzfest to a guerrilla impeachment slideshow on the buildings of New York City.

The coordination of the April 28 nationwide impeachment actions has relied heavily on new Web 2.0 internet technologies, including ImpeachSpace.com, a new social network created by the organizers to build a community around the issue of impeachment. For a complete list of actions scheduled for April 28, please see www.a28.org.
Jacob Park
National Coordinator
A28 Nationwide Impeachment Protests
Tel: 718.404.9472
Skype: jacobparknyc

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Kucinich seeks to impeach Cheney

The Associated Press

CLEVELAND — Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a vocal critic of the Bush administration’s war in Iraq, plans to introduce articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney today.

Kucinich, a Democrat who is running for president, said Monday that he will hold a news conference in Washington to discuss his effort to oust Cheney. Kucinich spokeswoman Natalie Laber declined further comment.

Under the House impeachment process, Kucinich’s articles would be reviewed by the House Judiciary Committee, which would decide whether to conduct an impeachment inquiry. The committee would seek authority from the entire House before beginning an inquiry.

Cheney spokeswoman Megan McGinn responded to Kucinich’s announcement by saying that the vice president has served the nation honorably for almost 40 years.

“The vice president is focused on the serious issues facing our nation,” McGinn said.

On his campaign Web site, http://kucinich.us/, Kucinich questions whether the Bush administration’s aggressive actions toward Iran justify raising the issue of impeachment.

“So I’m asking you, what do you think? Do you think it’s time?” Kucinich asks.

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