Letter to the 9/11 Truth Community: David Ray Griffin Needs Our Support Right Now

Dear 9/11 Truth Community,

As many in the 9/11 truth community know, David Ray Griffin has been in the hospital. He is recovering from major back surgery and serious complications from it. He will recover completely and be able to return to the cause, but his recovery will require a rather long time. At present he needs rest and therapy and he is not able to do the many things that he would be doing were he well.

One of his main concerns right now is that his new book, Cognitive Infiltration: an Obama Appointee’s Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory, successfully make the impact that it should. As many in our community already know, it is a response to legal scholar (and now Obama appointee) Cass Sunstein’s highly deceptive argument for a new Cointelpro-like operation to be directed against the 9/11 truth movement. Griffin utilizes all his own remarkable capabilities to thoroughly deconstruct and expose the fraudulent nature of this prominent legal scholar’s call for an illegal operation. Griffin’s book was just published, at the beginning of September, and there hasn’t yet been time for many to have
read it.

Griffin feels the book is especially important and laments that he is not able to promote it as he would normally do. But there is a way that we can step in and fill his shoes — write and post reviews of the book, so that prospective readers can see how important it is. Reviews posted at Amazon.com would be especially effective in making the book successful. Here is the link to the book at Amazon.com:

Although Amazon maintains a length limit on reviews of 1,000 words, they don’t adhere to the rule strictly. However, it’s likely that longer reviews would be better directed at the many other sites that are open to our arguments. Please buy, read and then review Cognitive Infiltration as soon as you can. There cannot be too many reviews!

Thanks for doing everything you do for the truth,

Tod Fletcher


Letter from Tod Fletcher posted September 15, 2010