LIVE Convention-Protest Coverage

Daily LIVE Convention-Protest Coverage! All this Week. On the Streets and on
the Floor!! Flash…Amy Goodman and other reporters arrested, preventative detention
of protesters, protesters injured…hear the latest reports on the Convention
Police State on No Lies Radio…

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From Allan Rees, of

Things are heating up in the Police State of St. Paul. Amy Goodman arrested!!
Preventitive Detention, Many other Reporters arrested…many injuries….10
thousand demonstate and not a peep of it on main stream news. However No Lies
Radio is reporting it all as usual and covering it AS IT HAPPENS on the floor
and in the streets. I remember the ’68 convention police riot in Chicago…this
could be a turning point in awakening the Amerian people about the coming Police

This is excellent daily coverage by Democracy Now and live Pacifica Network
broadcasts of Republican conventions Mon-Thur of this week. We also will be
having coverage of the Ron Paul counter convention and on the streets at the
RNC. We are authorized to broadcast this converage.

We think that the 911truth listener will quickly tire of the Democratic and
Republican parties after they hear all the mombo jumbo at the conventions and
no truth issues are ever really addressed and will ultimately gravitate to the
Green Party and Ron Paul. Cynthia McKinney is the only Presidential Candidate
supporting 911 truth issues and has a track record of courageously confronting
the likely perpertrators of the 911 attacks. And Ron Paul has a record supporting
at least a call for the truth. Also we are covering speakers outside of the
DNC including Cynthia Mckinney and Cindy Sheehan. At the DNC Dennis Kucinich
also was outspoken on issues of impeachment and no war on Iran.

We believe that ultimately a third party will be the answer to our national
stagnation. This could happen very quickly after the November election when
the party elected fails to deliver. In American history, many political parties
have become extinct in very short order and replaced with more progressive ones.
In fact, the Republican Party was a progressive party in the mid 19th century
that came on strong….I guess now it has reached the point of extinction, as
will the democratic party too after they fail to deliver.