Minuteman Reports from the Summer of Truth



Minuteman Reports from the Summer of Truth

July 15, 2004 (Bastille Day plus one) Vol. 1, No. 1

by the 911Truth.org Coalition


The autistic media silence notwithstanding, there is now enough exciting stuff happening to, for and courtesy of the 9/11 Truth movement that it’s time to start developing a news service for ourselves. These brief weekly bulletins are intended as a first step in that direction and we invite your help with news tips, backing and distribution spams.

Progress reports in this first outing are short and sweet and cover the following ground:


Reports on the Fahrenheit 9/11 and Peace & Justice 9/11 Eureka Campaigns

9/11 education drives at the Boston Social Forum, the Alliance for Democracy and Veterans for Peace conventions, and Democratic National Convention.

Often when we report that “we” are doing something it means “we” in the very widest sense. Many times the people carrying out these actions including Fahrenheit 9/11 leafleting, sign hoisting, house party organizing and other 9/11 visibility actions are self-starting web site visitors who we have never seen or met. This contagious spread of 9/11 action and awareness across the heartland is obviously the most important aspect of our work and one that “we” hope you will report on as well as provoke on your own.

All these campaigns depend on that widening and any help on this front — whether physical, fiscal or tactical — would be lavishly appreciated (and patriotic to boot).


We have outlined the next few months’ strategy in an online doc — click the Summer of Truth banner at https://911truth.org — but to briefly introduce the concept here is how it starts.


“The Summer of Truth Campaign intends to build a powerful grassroots movement for full 9/11 truth disclosure and legal-political redress based on existing proof of this government’s misrepresentations, exploitation and investigative obstruction of the events of September 11, 2001. Given the enormous body of evidence refuting the “official 9/11 story,” we can now lay out a prima facie case for foreknowledge, complicity and/or obstruction of justice that can then feed grand jury proceedings, impeachment hearings, or a People’s 9/11 Truth Commission.

“Rethinking 9/11 as a yet unsolved crime and marshaling the known facts in terms of Motive, Means and Opportunity will greatly clarify public understanding of our leaders’ role in this tragedy and empower millions now fed up with the fear, wars and fiscal ruin it has engendered. The campaign will employ collaborative networks, high-profile events, and a grassroots media campaign to publicize this evidence, debate its legal and political implications, and decide whether the next step should be indictments, impeachments, or a fresh independent inquiry.”

When you look at the strategy outline, you will see how the following campaigns fit into this scenario and maybe even think of deft new tactics of your own.


“DUDE, THERE’S MORE TO THE STORY!” (the Fahrenheit 9/11 Campaign)

According to field reports, theaters showing Moore’s film have been intensively leafleted in several dozen cities now and more than 30,000 fliers have been handed out. We are profoundly grateful for all that great effort and hope the momentum continues to grow. (more info)

We also would like to pass out thousands more at the Boston Social Forum, the Veterans for Peace and Alliance for Democracy conventions in Boston next week as well as to every delegate (and most protestors) at the DNC. If you live in the region or are attending any of these events and wish to lend a hand, please contact Boston action coordinator, Adam Hurter


911Visibility.org, our activist activation center, has just completed a mailing of Griffin’s New Pearl Harbor, the Official 9/11 Cover-up Guide, and a sparkly list of anti-war celebrity 9/11 Truth endorsements, to 400 peace & justice leaders for distribution and discussion in their groups. Early feedback has been encouraging in the extreme and shows many are starting to “get it” as the “9/11: Ground Zero for the Anti-war Movement” meme continues to spread.

UPCOMING ACTIONS (very partial)


At the Boston Social Forum, 911Truth.org will co-sponsoring and organizing a 9/11-intensive workshop on Saturday, 8:30-10:00 AM, July 24th. Entitled “9/11, War and the Rule of Law”, it will feature Dan Ellsburg, Michael Ratner (Center for Constitutional Law), POCLAD co-founder Ward Morehouse, Kyle Hence of 911truth.org and 911citizenswatch.org, and more! See outline below…


We are recruiting a volunteer force to cover all the activist-rich Boston events and pass out thousands of flyers and thousands of “Bush is lying about 9/11″/”Stop the 9/11 Cover-up”/”Only 9/11 Truth Will Set U.S. Free” signs as well as teaching other issue groups about 9/11’s overall relevance. If you are going to be anywhere in the area between September 22nd and the 29th, please contact Adam Hurter (ahurter@wesleyan.edu or Tel: 508-523-1475) for places to get involved.

Boston Social Forum Featured Workshop:


Redeeming recent tragedies by ending the corporate coup

The breakdown of our legal system and democratic rights certainly did not begin on September 11, 2001. But few can question that this unexplained tragedy and its brutal exploitation have greatly accelerated and dramatized our people’s loss of control.

Our current path leads to a literally lawless frontier where corporate power and its political agents unilaterally determine the form and conduct of our world. Assuming this passage is not yet complete and we the people still retain some political clout and relevance, how do we best marshal our dwindling forces to reverse this tide and return legal power to human hands?

This session would examine four key areas of lawless unaccountability that inform and spur our task:

  1. Mother of Many Evils; the unchallenged lies of 9/11 and their deft enablement of domestic repression, corruption and endless war;
  2. Constitutional Corrosion: Autocratic corporate governance, PATRIOT Acts and the amazing disintegrating Bill of the Rights
  3. Demonized Patriotism: The Whistleblowers Tale: the criminalclassification of vital public information and persecution of those who set it free;
  4. Collateral Damage Demands: aggressive legal/moral indifference to firstresponder/civilian victim concerns.

It would conclude with a panel brainstorm opening to an audience-wide discussion of legal/political strategies to expose truth, reclaim control and deliver us “in time”

STRUCTURE: (25 minutes)

Intro: 5 minutes

9/11 Truth, Fear & Lawless Rule: 5 minutes

Corporate Dominion, War, & Loss of Democratic Rights: 5 minutes

Messenger:Preemption: Whistleblown Truth as Crime: 5 minutes

First-responders: Bringing Collateral Damage to Center Stage: 5 minutes

WARD: (10 minutes)

Reversing the Corporate Usurpation of Executive, Regulatory & Legislative

Primacy: Understanding modern history, envisioning a new land: 10 minutes


Recalling/Suggesting/Creating Credible

Legal/Political Remedies for:

– 9/11 Lies & War-enabling Fear

– Corporate LegalPolitical Hegemony & Democratic Jeopardy

– Classified Truth & Malignant Secrecy:

– Profit-driven Wars & Special Ops:



Daniel Ellsberg, author, Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers

Ward Morehouse, co-founder, Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (http://poclad.org) and the Council on International & Public Affairs (http://www.cipa-apex.org)

Michael Ratner, president, Center for Constitutional Rights (http://www.ccr-ny.org)

Doris “Granny D” Haddock, Campaign finance reform crusader and NH US Senate candidate (http://www.grannyd.com)

Kyle Hence, co-founder, 911Citizens Watch (http://911citizenswatch.org) and 911Truth.org.

Megan Bartlett, co-founder, Ground Zero First Responders for Peace


more news next week,

w. david kubiak

campaign coordinator

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