New Citizens’ Media Source in Canada

What is Citizens’ Broadcasting Cooperative?

Joshua Blakeney
January 15th, 2009

In an epoch characterized by international criminality and malfeasance perpetrated
with impunity by those in the highest echelons of society it is imperative that
there exists an objective and uncensored media cooperative to scrutinize such
state-sponsored lawlessness.

The mainstream media throughout the world has become infiltrated and compromised
by those who have a vested interest in a global war without end. The failure
of the media, both public and private, to critically analyze the actions of
the global elite and their bought-and-paid-for political spokespersons has compelled
ordinary citizens to innovate, organize and attempt to combat this state-sponsored
war on truth.

The Citizens’ Broadcasting Cooperative represents one front in this global
struggle against the psychological war being waged by elites and their political
representatives against humanity. We at the Citizens’ Broadcasting Cooperative
suspect that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and its twin, the British
Broadcasting Centre (BBC), are being prepared for privatization which we believe
is tantamount to theft from those tax payers and global citizens who have funded,
sustained and benefitted from public broadcasting historically. The Citizens’
Broadcasting Cooperative while having no affiliation with the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation does identify with the ground beneath its feet, namely the citizens
of Canada for whom the Crown Corporation was founded.

We support public broadcasting. We believe public broadcasting, like public
healthcare exemplifies humanity’s ability to organize efficiently outside
the parameters of the so called ‘free market.’ We recognize that
public broadcasting has historically been a thorn in the side of the elites
who have typically had their interests served by private media companies and
public relations firms.

The Citizens’ Broadcasting Cooperative pledges to its readers and viewers
that it will strive to address issues currently ignored by the corporate and
public media outlets. We will resist the attempts to dumb down public discourse
which has been engendered through celebrity worship, fictional television productions
and the pseudo-news coverage by careerist journalists all of which serves to
stupefy humanity.

While we have no affiliation with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, in
the event that the Crown Corporation is gifted to private interests we vow to
take over, reinvent and continue with public broadcasting services. Citizens’
Broadcasting Cooperative seeks to fill the vast void that has been created by
the narrow topics of choice that have been deemed newsworthy by media outlets
in recent history.

The Citizens’ Broadcasting Cooperative has NO affiliation with the Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation.

The Citizens’ Broadcasting Cooperative is a Canadian based venture comprised
of academics, journalists, concerned citizens, students and activists committed
to the preservation of public broadcasting, objective journalism, freedom of
speech and the observance of truth.

What Caused us to Create Our Own CBC?

episode that prompted our initiative to reclaim the CBC from those who have
stolen it from the Canadian public occurred in Calgary on March 17, 2009. When
the former US president entered Canada to speak to an Oil Patch audience, CBC
journalists collaborated with police and with their fellow propagandists in
the commercial media to cover up the citizens’ movement … Continue

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