New DVD Examines World Trade Center Destruction on 9/11


Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Contact: Richard Gage, AIA,
Founding Member of

New DVD Examines World Trade Center Destruction on 9/11
More Than 150 Architects, Engineers, and Demolition Experts Call
for New Congressional Investigation with Subpoena Power

San Francisco, CA September 5, 2007 – San Francisco
Bay Area architect Richard Gage, AIA, founder of the group Architects
& Engineers for 9/11 Truth
, announced today the release of a new DVD,
9/11: Blueprint for Truth: The Architecture of Destruction.

In this stunning multimedia presentation at the University of Manitoba, Canada,
San Francisco Bay Area architect, Richard Gage, AIA, provides a packed audience
with the evidence of controlled demolition using explosives in all 3 World Trade
Center high-rise "collapses." Gage will be also appearing in person
on September 11th in Oakland, California for an evening presentation entitled,
9/11: Blueprint for Truth – 130 Architects & Engineers Examine the

The presentation begins with the lesser-known high-rise "collapse"
– that of World Trade Center Building 7, which fell at near free-fall
speed on the afternoon of September 11. Its rapid, symmetrical destruction is
even harder to explain without demolition charges than that of the Twin Towers,
since it was not hit by a jetliner and was afflicted by only smaller fires on
just a few floors.

The DVD presentation reveals that neither WTC 7 nor the Twin Towers could have
collapsed the way they did without their massive support columns having been
cut – synchronously timed floor by floor.

"The destruction of all three skyscrapers exhibited most or all of the
features of controlled demolition, yet the official ‘investigations’ did not
even mention controlled demolition as a possibility," Gage observes. "It
seems clear that the conclusions published by FEMA and NIST were not driven
not by science."

Gage’s presentations have inspired more than 150 architecture and engineering
professionals to demand a new investigation by Congress with subpoena power.
Gage also notes that the website is serving as a vehicle for ongoing research
by members into the causes of the destruction of all 3 WTC high-rise
buildings that day.

The group does not speculate as to who planted the explosives or why. Gage
believes a new investigation is the only hope of "fully answering these
questions and bringing those responsible to justice." He notes that the
upcoming sixth anniversary of the attacks provides another opportunity not only
to honor the victims of the attack, but also to underscore this call for justice.

In recent months, Gage has been invited to make over a dozen presentations
to audiences in the Bay Area and to universities, including San Diego, Sonoma,
Chico, Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada and in New York City; Bloomington, Indiana;
Hartford, Connecticut; Cambridge, MA, Dallas, Tucson, Tulsa, and Phoenix . He
has given presentations to the office of Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, and to
more than 75 architects in the San Francisco Bay Area and at the local Chapter
of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Scott Page, Berkeley architectural consultant and member, has
praised Gage’s courage in addressing such a controversial issue publicly and
to professional groups such as the AIA, which have never contested the official
reports by NIST. "It’s not an easy thing to bring such a hot potato into
an office of conservative building professionals or to your state representative."

Page says that architects and engineers have generally avoided the 9/11 topic
for a variety of reasons: "Most professionals haven’t actually read the
official reports, nor have they read the evidence for demolition." But
Page says this isn’t surprising. "No one wants to read hundreds of pages
of government documents on their weekends. And most haven’t really looked at
the evidence for demolition because it’s been smeared as a ‘conspiracy theory.’

And many, Page says, have never seen the videos of the collapse of WTC Building
7, which he stresses will often convince people on the spot. "Building
7 fell so fast and with such symmetry and precision, that it literally shocks
people when they see it. But most professionals never have seen it."

Page also says that architects and engineers, like anyone else, don’t want
to delve into such a dark event in history. "Everyone has some natural
resistance to this issue. But when faced with the facts that Mr. Gage presents,
the taboo of the subject gets lifted."

Gage’s presentation includes several different lines of evidence for his case,
from analyses of the collapse features consistent with those of a demolition,
to more than 100 reports by first responders and the media of sounds and sights
of explosions at the scene. Gage also extensively covers the findings of chemical
and physical evidence of thermate by Utah physicist Dr. Steven Jones, whose
demolition hypothesis led to his appearance on MSNBC in November 2005. Jones’
conclusive analysis of the WTC steel and dust has revealed the signature of
thermate, a high-performance incendiary cutter charge. Gage describes a key
piece of evidence in support of Dr Jones’ theory – the reports by a number
of individuals including the structural engineer of the WTC, and the FDNY, of
the previously inexplicable molten metal "flowing like lava" in the
rubble pile during the weeks following 9/11.

The information-packed website features Mr. Gage’s full presentation,
both as a PowerPoint slide show and a video, along with a discussion forum,
the recently leaked WTC North Tower blue prints, publication of technical articles
and a broad range of multimedia offerings.

The new DVD can also be ordered on the website from

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice

Journal of 9/11 Studies

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

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