New videos as of February 1st, 2009

February 1, 2009

In reference to our FOIA request, the FBI has sent us 13 additional PENTTBOM videos. This is the second round release (not counting the CCTV Pentagon, CITGO, and Doubletree video releases). Each DVD contains 1 video from the ‘menu’ list. Here is a summary of what was sent:

NE515: WTC ground scenes. Begins 5 minutes after first impact. Witness says he saw the first plane.

NE515 FOIA release. Witness to first plane impact WTC

K3074: Footage of the second plane impacting the WTC. The video also captures the collapses.

K3074 FOIA release. Second plane impacting the WTC

NE418: Pentagon witness saying he saw a plane land into the Pentagon, followed by another plane (C130).

NE418 FOIA release - Pentagon witness to plane

NE521: Starts just after first plane hits WTC. Interesting commentary by cameraman and his friends. Some audio redacted by FBI. Shows close-up of someone falling.

NE521 FOIA release. WTC ground scene, Part1

NE485: Fire department video. Shows a fire department on routine calls, then the camera man drives in a car to the Pentagon. Various scenes of the crash site.
NE519: Various WTC ground scenes prior to the second impact. Catches only fireball of second impact. Shows people running and screaming. Cameraman goes to his apartment, then back onto the street. Inside of a hotel lobby when the first tower collapses. No commentary.
NE522: WTC and various NYC ground scenes. Shows the FBI around a motorhome and then the video is redacted. Mostly just shaky camera work.
NE3075: Evan Fairbanks footage. Professional camerawork. Several witnesses. Famous second plane impact footage. Many shots near the base of the towers. Shows the first collapse.
NE439: Tourists visiting the Pentagon after 9/11.

NE438: More tourists visiting the Pentagon after 9/11.
NE517: Zoom far from the WTC. Shows people and 1/2 of the first collapse.
K3072: Footage from around NYC with zooms on the WTC. Shows the first collapse from a distance.
NE524: NYC fire department video. Shows the WTC from a helicopter. Misses first collapse. Firemen talking.

Editor’s Note:
Scott Bingham, creator of this relatively new site ( has persistently, patiently been filing Freedom of Information Act requests for many years now to obtain data pertaining to the 9/11/01 attack on the Pentagon, in particular. His first site was, where he documented the process of filing requests, responses, appeals, and information released. (Bingham was responsible for the release of video tapes from cameras surrounding the Pentagon, at the Citgo and Doubletree, even though Judicial Watch took credit for it after the fact.) For those unaware, “PENTTBOM is the codename for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe into the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City, New York, and Washington, D.C., the largest criminal inquiry in United States history. Its name stands for ‘Pentagon/Twin Towers Bombing Investigation’. The investigation was launched on September 11, 2001 and involved 7,000 of the FBI’s then 11,000 special agents” (Wikipedia).


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