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Boiling Frogs Podcast Announcing Sibel Edmonds Podcast Show with Co-Host Peter B. Collins

Sibel Edmonds (If you’re not already famliar with Sibel, read more about her here ).

I am pleased to announce the launch of my Podcast show, ‘The Boiling Frogs.’ This site will present two in-depth interviews per month, one-hour each, with well-respected and controversial guests. My guest list will include:

* Investigative reporters * Authors with controversial and bold track records * Courageous and legitimate whistleblowers * Well-respected academic and legal experts on our relevant issues

…and maybe even a few guests from the other side whom we have bashed. You can listen to the show on this site and discuss your take and views in the comments section.

I am thrilled to have Peter B. Collins as my co-host for this project. Knowing that I have been giving interviews, not the other way around, I needed a partner to collaborate with; someone who is a solid and experienced radio host, who is very good at interviewing, who is very knowledgeable, and who I respect and trust. Lucky me, I found one, and he has accepted this partnership. I am honored to have Peter as my co-host and partner. Peter’s show was one of the first radio interviews I gave years ago, and over the years he had me back many times. He has always ranked at the very top of my radio show list. If you are not familiar with Peter, check out his site and listen to his interviews at . When you do that you’ll understand why I’m so pleased to co-host this show with him.

For those of you who know me I don’t have to tell you what to expect. As for those of you who don’t, well, let me put it this way – don’t expect a canned, yawn-inspiringly cautious, or partisan show; we have way too many of those already! I am not known to be diplomatic and I am not about to change!

The program is now ready to go!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 – Podcast Show #1

Podcast first guest is James Bamford
James Bamford

James Bamford discusses the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program, the ties between NSA and the nation’s telecommunications companies including the Israeli companies involved in intercepting highly sensitive communications for the U.S. government, the agency’s failings pre-9/11 and the relevant information blackout by the 9/11 Commission, the US mainstream media, President Obama’s ‘no change’ so far, and more.

Here is our guest James Bamford unplugged!

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James Bamford is one of the country’s leading writers on intelligence and national security issues. His books include ” The Puzzle Palace ,” ” Body of Secrets , ” ” A Pretext for War: 9/11, Iraq and the Abuse of America’s Intelligence Agencies ,” and most recently ” The Shadow Factory “. Mr. Bamford coproduced NOVA’s ” The Spy Factory “, which was based on his latest book. He has written for many magazines, including investigative cover stories for The New York Times Magazine , The Washington Post Magazine and The Los Angeles Times Magazine , and is a contributing writer for Rolling Stone . His 2005 Rolling Stone article “The Man Who Sold the War” won a National Magazine Award for reporting. He also spent a decade as the Washington investigative producer for the ABC News program, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, and taught at the University of California, Berkeley, as a distinguished visiting professor.


James Bamford has just written an article published at

The NSA is still listening to you Bush went away, but domestic surveillance overreach didn’t. It’s now the law, and the ACLU is fighting back By James Bamford

July 22, 2009 | This summer, on a remote stretch of desert in central Utah, the National Security Agency will begin work on a massive, 1 million-square-foot data warehouse. Costing more than $1.5 billion, the highly secret facility is designed to house upward of trillions of intercepted phone calls, e-mail messages, Internet searches and other communications intercepted by the agency as part of its expansive eavesdropping operations. The NSA is also completing work on another data warehouse, this one in San Antonio, Texas, which will be nearly the size of the Alamodome.

The need for such extraordinary data storage capacity stems in part from the Bush administration’s decision to open the NSA’s surveillance floodgates following the 9/11 attacks. According to a recently released Inspectors General report, some of the NSA’s operations — such as spying on American citizens without warrants — were so questionable, if not illegal, that they nearly caused the resignations of the most senior officials of both the FBI and the Justice Department.

Last July, many of those surveillance techniques were codified into law as part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act (FAA). In fact, according to the Inspectors General report, “this legislation gave the government even broader authority to intercept international communications” than the warrantless surveillance operations had. Yet despite this increased power, congressional oversight committees have recently discovered that the agency has been over-collecting on the domestic communications of Americans, thus even exceeding the excessive reach granted them by the FAA. (Continues here )

[And see related: The Illegal Spying Game, played over and over – Each new revelation of surveillance crimes prompts the same deceitful reaction from the political class, June 18, 2009, By Glenn Greenwald, ]

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