New York City Ballot Initiative

NYC Ballot Initiative The petition drive of the year has begun. New York City voters can create a mandate to get at the root cause of our current political reality by launching a new, independent investigation of the events of 9/11. For those of you who live elsewhere but know NYC voters, you can make a difference by urging them to sign our petition. Read on…

“9/11 was not a perfect storm. Don’t let them tell you it was. Create a Commission.” – Ed Asner, actor, former president Screen Actors Guild

By creating a ballot initiative, we can return the process of governance to We the People. Let’s face it, voting every few years just isnt’ enough. We need 30,000 petition signatures as soon as possible to get this on the Nov. 6th general election. This will enable us to create the conditions for a citizen-based, rather than government insider-based investigation to address the multitude of questions from 9/11 families which were ignored by the Kean/Hamilton Commission, as well as the issues of the toxic health hazards and the mistreatment of so many first responders.

Read all about it at . You can either download a petition there, come to Union Sq. at noon on Saturdays, or call our Hotline at 646-537-1755 and leave your name and address.

As of now, international attorney Dr. William Pepper , Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell , actor/activist Ed Asner , former Senator Lincoln Chafee , Jersey widow Lorie Van Auken , Mohawk tribal member Splitting-the-Sky , Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Gumbleton , and executive director of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal Ralph Schoenman have agreed to participate as Commissioners.

Re-investigating 9/11 is necessary due to the fact that it has been exploited to erroneously justify criminal acts of war abroad, police state measures at home, and used by the Bush neocons to create an imperial presidency. Additionally, a multitude of details have surfaced indicating the 9/11 Commission Report was nothing more than a restatement of the official account, rather than a true open-ended investigation which pursued all areas of inquiry. It began with a promise to give a full account of the events, then turned into an effort to avoid placing blame at all costs. To this day, no one has been held accountable.

Now New Yorkers can take matters into their own hands. We can enable NYC voters to have the choice to create what the government has failed to do. Since the aftermath of those terrible events effect us all daily, an impartial, objective investigation is exactly what New Yorkers deserve. Six years is too long to get the facts straight. Obtaining a new investigation of 9/11 is our right, and is our obligation to create a mandate for the cause of truth, transparency, and accountability in government.

Please go to today to learn the details, download a petition, volunteer, and donate to this urgent cause. You can also help by spreading the word. By getting 10 people to sign the petition who each repeat the process, we can create a groundswell that sends a signal to the elites that the real power resides with the people. Let’s make history starting today!

Towards truth, Les Jamieson

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