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Note: The Mt. Sinai study, referred to by David Miller, can be found here, with other resources from Mt. Sinai for individuals affected by WTC toxins.

Report from
“9/11 First Responders: Voices From The Pit”
Sunday, June 25th at Community Church

I’m not sure how David Miller found us, but he has been attending our Sunday events for at least 3 months. NY 911 Truth has been enriched by his presence. Between hearing of his experience as a first responder with his National Guard unit, reading the many recent articles about the plight of responders, and meeting several other responders at a conference sponsored by SUNY-New Paltz, we’ve had our eyes and hearts opened to a unique aspect of the 9/11 tragedy.

We knew we had to have an event dedicated to calling attention to the cause of responders, survivors, and also downtown residents who were all told by the EPA, the air was safe to breath. However, 14 rescue dogs died and nearly 5 years later many responders have died, thousands are very sick, can’t work, and are in dire straits financially. Adding insult to injury, 1 billion dollars of federal funds are sitting in an offshore bank account and many have had to fight to get workers comp due to incredibly slick maneuvering by government agencies. Our event began with comments from Father Frank Morales who served as chaplain at Ground Zero in the early weeks after the attacks. He shared an essay about his experience which was deeply moving. He also paid homage to Tim Keller, an EMT who died from toxic exposure exactly 1 year ago.

We then heard from former Air Force medic, Tim McPadden who was a search & rescue worker, Major Mike McCormack who served as a medic, specialist in collapsed infrastructure rescue and hazmat, David Miller, Gulf War I veteran and National Guard member serving at Ground Zero, and Janette McKinley who lives one block south of where the towers once stood. We also heard from Carl Person who is running for NY Attorney General as an independent. Carl shared his knowledge on what must be done from this jurisdiction in order to meet the needs of responders and truly investigate what turned the thousands of tons of concrete into pulverized dust.

The media in attendance included NY Daily News, New York 1 TV, Newsweek, and NY Newsday which published an excellent article which you can read here.

Video of this event, entitled “We Were Also Killed,” is available for viewing here:
WMV Version
MOV version.

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