NYC 9/11 Inititiative Update


(Sept. 5, 2008, New York, NY) A solid base has now been established to create
a public referendum known as the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative. This campaign is
to enable the voters of NY City to create a new, independent, impartial 9/11 Commission
that would conduct an authentic, comprehensive investigation of the most momentous
event of our time. This effort is unique because if passed by the voters of NY
City, the Commission would have subpoena power and its findings would have full
legal recognition.

A dedicated team of citizens are about to cross the threshold of 30,000 petition
signatures. This is the minimum required to submit the Initiative to the NY
City Clerk and NY City Council for their review. There is now official confirmation
from the City Clerk’s office that all existing signed petitions will be valid
for the mayoral election in 2009. Upon reaching this milestone of 30,000, efforts
will continue to obtain as many as 75,000 signatures or more in the coming months
as well as create alliances with various organizations which will serve as a
coalition advocating for passage of the Initiative. With substantial numbers
and support showing there is a serious mandate from the voters, it is actually
possible that NY City Council can be moved to introduce and pass the Initiative
on their own. This is the current strategy which organizers and petitioners
here in NYC have every intention of pursuing.

Another vital piece of information has come to light. Back in the spring doubts
were raised about the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative because it was said that the
Mayor could block it, making all our efforts null and void. Many people here
and around the country were disheartened, saying there would be no way Mayor
Bloomberg would allow the Initiative to get on the ballot. They argued we were
doomed and it would be futile to try. However, there was a core group of stalwart
and stubborn activists who were not deterred. We always knew this wouldn’t be
an easy task, but led by our vision we pushed ahead anyway. There were other
challenges as well, yet we always knew that if effort was applied, anything
could happen. We could actually succeed.

Now, through communication with the City Clerk and upon reading the detail
of the law we have learned that the Mayor cannot kill the Initiative. If he
wanted to complicate things, he would have to go through the trouble of setting
up a Charter Commission. This Commission would have to hold public hearings.
Then if this Commission succeeds in placing it’s Initiative on the ballot, our
Initiative would be rescheduled to the following year’s election. In summary,
the Mayor would have to go through a complicated process which can be rebutted
by the public and would bring much scrutiny on his actions. You can be sure
that many 9/11 families will not be pleased. This action would attract an immense
amount of negative baggage. If his Charter Commission succeeded in introducing
their own Initiative, our Initiative would still be valid and be placed on the
ballot one year later. As Senator Mike Gravel recently told me, sometimes things
require a longer term approach but since they’re worthwhile, you have to adopt
a high-level perspective which will get you to the place that’s desired. He
should know. He has been working on the National Initiative for 20 years!

At a meeting of our petitioning/management group on Wed. Sept. 3rd, Senator
Gravel joined us by speaker phone. He said the following:

"Solidify the numbers in 2009. It’s vital to get enough signatures.
This will get you credibility and visibility. Get people to anticipate and
want it. There are people who share your view. I applaud everyone who worked
to bring it about.This is truly the most significant effort going on. I can’t
encourage you enough to continue your efforts." I asked him to comment
on his recent statement saying that the Initiative is the most effective way
to hold Bush and Cheney to task. He answered, "More than they are involved.
We are committed to pursue justice, knowledge, and truth, wherever that leads
us." He offered to continue helping in every way he can.

Then we were joined by Ed Asner on speakerphone. He was absolutely elated by
the results that have been achieved here. He said, "I’m proud to be identified
with you. Proud to support you. I celebrate all you have achieved. Then he went
onto say,"You’re not over the top yet because of fear that occupies every
soul. If you have no fear at this time, you must be lobotimized! Yours is a
sensational achievement. I’m really impressed." We thanked him for his
willingness to be involved with the Initiative to which he replied, "You’re
the one’s doing the work. I’m just spreading my name around. My love to you
all." We invited him to NYC and promised to have a huge party which will
hopefully hasten his arrival.

It is important to recognize that this effort is supported by many of the families
of victims of 9/11. Many prominent Americans have also voiced their support.
These include former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, Tony award winning actress
Christine Ebersole, Dallas Cowboy football player Mark Stepnowski, Grammy award-winning
hip hop artists Arrested Development, AZ state senator Karen Johnson, consumer
advocate Ralph Nader, Green Party presidential candidate and former Congresswoman
Cynthia McKinney, actor Ed Asner, former FBI field agent Colleen Rowley, retired
CIA analyst Ray McGovern, retired NSA analyst Wayne Madsen, former senators
Mike Gravel and Lincoln Chafee, and more. A prominent publication, NY Magazine,
featured an overview of the campaign a few weeks ago which can be seen at

Furthermore, 25-year veteran NY Times journalist Philip Shenon lectured at
the NY Law Bar Association on Thurs. Sept. 4th on his best-seller titled "The
Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation". I gave him
press materials on the Ballot Initiative. As it turns out, he had already heard
of it and clearly appeared impressed. This could lead to any number of positive
developments. After all, every page of his book is filled with evidence on why
a new investigation is warranted.

Why is this campaign so necessary? A large body of evidence makes clear that
the investigation carried out by the federal 9/11 Commission was seriously flawed.
In their book, "Without Precedent," even Commission co-chairmen, Tom
Kean and Lee Hamilton, state that their efforts were "doomed to fail from
the start." The above-mentioned book by Philip Shenon is filled with facts
that highlight the various conflicts of interest and obstruction that made a
thorough investigation impossible. There is more information soon to be released
about government foreknowledge in the months leading to 9/11 which will further
underscore the fact that there are areas of analysis that are critical to fully
understanding how the attacks occurred. Since 9/11 has been used to determine
so much of our foreign and domestic policy, we’re all affected on a daily basis.

Polls have shown that as high as 84% of Americans question the official story
and feel there needs to be a new investigation. Wayne Madsen, former NSA analyst,
has reported that there are whistleblowers within government agencies that would
testify on their knowledge of 9/11 if they had the proper platform to do so.
The NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative is just the vehicle. More details including video
clips can be seen at the official web site at

We know that the federal or even local government is unlikely to call for a
true investigation of 9/11, however, through the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative,
the voters of NY City can. Now what’s needed is public support. Anyone who knows
voters in NY City can direct them to the site where they can download the petition
and volunteer. Also, funding is needed for hiring professional petitioners,
paying for literature, banners, educational DVDs, and advertising. We ask all
to donate a minimum of $25, the cost of an average meal for two, which can be
done on the web site. Urge others to help so that we can break through the wall
of resistance to the truth of 9/11.

Together, we can correct history, gain the truth of 9/11 and secure justice
for the victims including first responders. This will go a long way to restoring
Constitutional freedoms and creating a political system which complies with
law and works to fulfill the principles of democracy. We can then re-chart our
collective future towards a vision consistent with the kind of society that
our children deserve, can live and thrive in.

Les Jamieson
National Coordinator
NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

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