Petition to Investigate 9/11 Read in Canadian Parliament


On June 10th 2008, Libby Davies, an NDP MP from East Vancouver read our petition
(for 9/11 investigation) in Canadian Parliament. Now the petition will be sent
to the appropriate minister and they have 45 days to respond.

June 13, 2008

Vancouver BC – Rob Duffy, Assistant to Canadian MP Libby Davies, has informed
the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society that the petition read in Canadian Parliament
last Tuesday regarding the demand for a Canadian Investigation into 9/11 will
be handled by none other than Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell
Day. [1]

Although such a document should likely be placed on the desk of the Minister
of Foreign Affairs, perhaps some insight was used when the decision was made
to forward this homework assignment to Mr. Day instead.

When we look at the credentials of Mr. Day we can see why this decision was
made. Indeed, we see that no other Minister should have such a grand understanding
of 9/11 than him. Mr. Day understands intelligence. He is a former CSIS agent
himself. CSIS showed Canada it’s impressive counter terrorist abilities by uncovering
the Air India Bombing plot in 1985 well before it happened. Unfortunately, they
failed to pass this information on to the RCMP (he has worked there too) before
it was too late.[2]

Mr. Day is also a former evangelical pastor. Therefore, he knows the need for
us to all prepare now for the rapture and how a war with Iran will expedite
its arrival. Evangelical Minister and fiction novelist Tim LaHaye used this
ideology to win over votes for George W. Bush in 2000, just as Jerry Farwell
did for Regean 20 years earlier. [3] In addition, Stockwell Day is also a member
of the Fraser Institute. Some of the main goals of the Fraser Institute is to
privatize Canada’s cherished health care system and pave the way for pharmaceuticals,
as well as promote neo-con thought by sponsoring Kare Rove’s and Zbigniew Bbrezinski’s
visits to Canada.

We are sure that Mr. Day (I refrain from using his proper title Honorable as
I save this for those who are deserving of such a title, not those who were
appointed to it) will do no more than dismiss our demands outright. But we are
prepared for this — we will converge on Ottawa Sept. 11th 2008 for a massive
rally — — and prepare some long term actions,
as Parliament reconvenes Sept. 15th.

What possible actions could we take to show our seriousness, and persuade Mr.
Day and the Canadian Parliament re-consider the demands of our petition? One
option would be to follow in the footsteps of Blair Gadsby, who maintained a
courageous 17 day hunger strike outside of the Arizona office of US Senator
John McCain. Gadsby’s dedication to truth and justice got his attention of State
Senator Karen Johnson, who delivered an emotional presentation to the Arizona
State Senate regarding 9/11 Truth[4] (The first time in American history!) Day
however, has faced hunger strikers before. Last year three Canadians being held
at Kingston Immigration Holding Centre, (without charges) Mohammad Mahjoub,
Mahmoud Jaballah, and Hassan Almrei, went on a hunger strike to protest the
conditions and reasoning of their stay. While in their 10th week of hunger striking,
the press asked Mr. Day what he plans to do about it. He stated that the hunger
strike was not legitimate since “[They have a] refrigerator stocked with
a variety of juices, soy milk, honey and chocolate sauce.” [5] But then
again, Caucasian Hunger strikers at Parliament Hill might have a different effect
than Hunger Strikers with Arab names who are sitting in a jail cell where no
one can see them.

I myself have little faith in Stockwell Day. I will however, give him a chance
while our petition sits on his desk. I will be calling him every day until we
get an answer. I encourage all other Canadians – and Americans for that matter
– to do the same:

Stockwell Day:
Phone: (613) 995-1702
Fax: (613) 995.1154

[3] The Fall of the House of Bush — Craig Unger

New Democratic Party Deputy House Leader Libby Davies delivers a Parliamentary
Petition signed by over 500 Canadians demanding a new 9/11 investigation, in
Canada’s House of Commons during Routine Proceedings at 1:10 pm on June 10,

We, the undersigned citizens of Canada draw the attention of the House to the

THAT, scientific and eyewitness evidence shows that the 9/11 Commission Report
is a fraudulent document and that those behind the report are consciously or
unconsciously guilty of covering up what happened on 9/11/2001. This evidence
overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and
7 were brought down by demolition explosives and that the official theory of
the towers collapsing from the airplanes and the ensuing fires is irrefutably

We further believe that elements within the US government were complicit in
the murder of thousands of people on 9/11/2001. This event brought Canada into
the so-called “War on Terror,” it changed our domestic and foreign
policies for the worse, and it will continue to have negative consequences for
us all if we refuse to look at the facts.

THEREFORE, your petitioners call upon Parliament to:

(1) Immediately launch its own investigation into the events of 9/11/2001 on
behalf of the 24 Canadian citizens murdered in New York City.

(2) Act lawfully on the findings of its own investigation by helping to pursue
the guilty parties in the international courts.

Committed to truth and accountability,

News from Vancouver BC,
Drew Noftle

A few months ago various 9/11 Truth activists across Canada got together to
compose a Parliamentary Petition demanding an investigation into 9/11. The first
500 signatures were submitted last week, verified, and accepted. This petition
was read into Parliament on Tuesday, June the 10th, at approx 10 am EST, by
East Vancouver member of Parliament Libby Davies.

Our Petition can be found here:

The 9/11 attacks not only killed 24 Canadians, but it is also our sole reason
for participating in — and now enduring — the War on Terror. Upon
the outset of the War in Afghanistan, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell
(who will be in Vancouver June 12th) promised Canada a whitepaper linking the
September 11th attacks with Osama bin Laden in exchange for our premature participation
in the conflict in Afghanistan. This whitepaper never came, yet our troops are
still fighting abroad.

To date, the United States of America has yet to convict a single person in
a court of law for the crimes of September 11th. Both official US reports, The
9/11 Commission Report and the NIST Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation
of the World Trade Center Disaster created more questions than answers, and
cannot be credited as final accounts. Thus, in absence of our whitepaper or
any other credible report, Canada must now take it upon itself to investigate
the crimes of September 11th, not only for the sake of those in Canada who lost
their loved ones, but also to justify our war efforts in Afghanistan, or to
bring a cause for an immediate withdrawal.

Ms. Davies, who is the deputy leader of the Federal NDP, has served as an
MP in East Vancouver since 1997, easily winning in 4 consecutive elections.
We would like to call on all Canadians to please send her an email thanking
her for doing what she can to bring the topic of 9/11 into the Canadian Parliament:

Although this petition has already been submitted, we still wish to collect
as many signatures as we can to show our true numbers. These yet to be collected
signatures will then be added to our current tally, and a total will be read
outside of Parliament on September 11th 2008 in support of bringing our demands
to fruition. This rally on Parliament Hill, will succeed a March on Ottawa,
that will start in Montreal QC, 5 day’s earlier This March on Ottawa will be
the first nationally organized 9/11 Truth event here in Canada and we are anticipating
on having thousands of marchers and participants rally with us in Ottawa:

If you have yet to sign this petition, please do, and mail a copy in to our
mailing address:

March on Ottawa Organizing Committee
32-2902 Main St. Vancouver BC
V5T 3G3

Contacts: Drew Noftle (Vancouver)
Robert Lewis (Montreal)
Matthew Buechler (Ottawa)


4/22/08, from Drew Noftle

Canada’s 9/11 Truth Movement is peaceful, united, and committed to getting
a Canadian independent investigation into 9/11. From coast to coast, 9/11 Truth
Groups from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia have
realized that their strengths lie in their numbers of a united front, and united
they will be on September 11th, 2008.

Over the last couple months, the Canadians have been busy. First, the Vancouver
9/11 Truth Society took the initiative to mail a copy of Yukihisa Fujita’s
Parliamentary Presentation to all 308 Members of the Canadian Parliament. Since
then, 9/11 Truth activists across the country have been pressing their MP’s
by asking if they have received the video, taken the time to watch it, and ask
them their stance on 9/11. Shortly after, East Vancouver MP Libby Davies has
since agreed to take a petition to the Canadian Parliament requesting a Canadian
Investigation into 9/11 — and this is just the beginning. Currently, 10
cities in Canada have joined forces and are creating their first ever (and if
successful, the last) national campaign for 9/11 Truth…

As signatures are being collected from Canadians across the country, the authors
of the petition are working with MP Davies in getting the timing right for introducing
it into Parliament. The plan is to introduce the petition around August 1st,
2008, as Canada officially allows up to 45 days for answering any petition.
An August 1st submission will allow an answer forthcoming by September 11th,

In preparation of receiving an answer from Parliament, a March on Ottawa is
being planned. 9/11 Truth activists from across the country (Americans welcomed
as well!!) will gather in Montreal, QC on September 7th, then will proceed to
March the 150 + Kilometers to Ottawa, arriving on Parliament Hill on September
11th 2008. These Marchers are however will not be traveling thousands of miles
across the country, then marching for days to simply receive any old answer.
They will be there to add much needed pressure on Canada’s Parliamentarians
to ensure a satisfactory answer and will act as the official representatives
of the thousands of names on the petition. If the answer they receive from Parliament
is unsatisfactory — ie. ‘Sorry but no’ — then they are
prepared to stay on the Hill as long as they have to, to show that ‘sorry’
is simply not good enough. How far will the Marchers go? Some of the organizers
are suggesting using civil, non-violent acts of non-cooperation such as non
stop flyering in Ottawa, Postering all over the city, holding educational workshops
near the Hill, and even holding fasts. This action is not about slogan chanting,
feeling good, and then going home with nothing accomplished. This is about real
change. Real change from real action with a real commitment for truth and justice.

So how will this March end? Who knows. All I know is that I wouldn’t
miss it for the world. This has the potential to be the largest 9/11 truth action
in history. This has the potential to push Canada back into its role as a peacekeeping
nation. A nation that cares about global justice. A nation that can be looked
upon as a nation with citizens who care about the livelihood of all those within,
and beyond its borders.

The March on Ottawa Organizers are also calling upon their American counterparts
to hold a similar action at the White House this year on 9-11, and show solidarity
with their friends north of the border.

Their website:

Any Americans willing to organize such a parallel event are asked to contact
Canada and let them know! The March Committee is also looking for more Canadian
reps as well. (Saskatchewan still needs a rep!) If you are interest in representing
your city or area, please contact The March Committee ASAP.

Check out the website, add your comments, and get ready for action!

Remember the more names we get on the petition, the more pressure we build.
Want to help collect more signatures for the petition and sign a hard copy yourself?
Find details online at our site. Each signature we collect before August 1st
will be included in the pile of petitions we send in for our August 1st’s

Best Regards,

Drew Noftle

Note: Libby Davies has not come out to say that 9/11 was an
Inside Job, she is just doing her job as an MP — representing the demands
of her constituents. So please do not bombard her with emails asking for her
opinion — we have done that already!

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