Politics 911 Questionnaire (Final Version)


Dear Truth Patriots,

We urgently need your help to obtain your region’s federal candidate responses to the following election questionnaire. Please divide the polling chores among your friends and allies, and submit your candidates’ answers to our central clearinghouse at 911truth.org. Please use the following form to standardize results and maximize the accuracy and impact of this unprecedented poll.

Printable, fax-friendly Word and Acrobat copies can be downloaded here -.doc and here – .pdf.

Looking forward to your aid, endorsements and ingenuity,

The Ad Hoc “Politics 911” Coalition


Dear Candidate __________,


In recognition of the fifth anniversary of the September 11 tragedies and the imminent 2006 mid-term elections, we approach you on behalf of all those harmed by 9/11’s attacks and aftermath, and the 70+ million voting age Americans now calling for a new investigation. We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to consider the following three facts and answer several important questions.

1) The September 11 attacks changed America’s governance, course and balance of power more than any event since Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy assassination.

Five years later, the official 9/11 story still remains the administration’s primary source of political power over the nation’s foreign policy, military missions, intelligence agenda, budget priorities, and even judicial environment. To this day, the 9/11 attacks and consequent “War on Terror” are repeatedly invoked to rationalize problematic situations and justify unprecedented new practices and policies. (See Doonesbury’s “9/11!9/11!9/11!” synposis here.)

2) Most Americans distrust the official 9/11 story and nearly half want a new criminal investigation.

Zogby International’s May 2006 9/11 poll revealed that less than 50% of the American public trust the integrity or conclusions of the 9/11 Commission, and 45% desire a new and truly independent investigation that would also examine evidence for government foreknowledge, facilitation and/or complicity. (A separate 2004 Zogby poll found that two out of three New Yorkers also support such an inquiry.)

3) Hundreds of prominent figures from all parties, faiths and ethnic backgrounds have publicly called for a new and truly independent 9/11 investigation.

Those demanding a new criminal inquiry now comprise many eminent Americans including signatories to the 9/11 Truth Statement such as the 2004 presidential candidates for the Reform, Green and Libertarian parties; theologians, rabbis and imams; scientists, pilots, first responders and filmmakers; corporate executives, military officers and high government officials from both Republican and Democratic administrations.


If you are successful in the November 2006 mid-term election, you could personally play a critical historic role in disclosing the full truth and implications of this world-altering tragedy.

Knowing that most candidates are extremely concerned with the current wars, Constitutional challenges and extraordinary fiscal threats the country now faces, and assuming that most would agree that 9/11 played a critical role in their evolution, we would respectfully like to request your answers to the following questions as a reference for voters in the upcoming polls.


First of all, would you be willing to answer a few questions about 9/11 related phenomena, including recent polls showing increasing public demand for a reinvestigation?

Yes– I understand the significance of these issues and will respond to the questions.

No– I do not wish to share my views on the events of September 11 or public calls for a new inquiry with my constituents at this time.

If “Yes”: please proceed to Question 1.

If “No”: would you care to briefly explain your reasons below?




  1. Are you aware of the so-called 9/11 truth movement among victim family members, researchers and ordinary citizens or any of the evidence for US government involvement in the attacks that they would like investigated?

    Yes / No


  • If “Yes”:
    1. Are you also currently aware that many prominent Americans and 45% of the public say they would like to see a new and truly independent 9/11 inquiry, specifically one that also examines the case for government foreknowledge and complicity?
      Yes / No
    2. Do you believe that government truth issues–ranging from 9/11, anthrax and the Patriot Act to the Iraq war, surveillance encroachments, legislative deceptions, and other administration initiatives–may all be significantly related?
      Yes / No
    3. If you are successful in November, would you support a truly independent, victim family-supervised and subpoena-empowered reinvestigation of all 9/11 evidence and events?
      Yes / No
    4. Given the evidence for and the significance of potential government involvement, are you willing to make the demand for a new 9/11 inquiry an important issue in your campaign?
      Yes / No
    5. Would you accept campaign volunteers largely motivated by our democracy’s tactical and strategic need for 9/11 truth?
      Yes / No
    6. Would you be willing to accept and endorse the distribution of well-documented 9/11 truth materials in your electoral district?
      Yes / No
  • If “No”:
    1. Would you be willing to review a few pages of material summarizing these facts and then respond to this questionnaire within two weeks?
      Yes / No
    2. If “No”: Thank you very much for your time.
    3. If “Yes”: Thank you. Please review the accompanying briefing kit and we will re-submit questions “a” to “f” above to your office in two weeks time.


    Please sign this survey on the line below and return to the person(s) who presented it to you.


    Date Name Relationship to Candidate Contact phone # or email


    All responses will be published in the 2006 Candidates Poll Forum at 911truth.org and shared with interested print and broadcast media as well as the online community for political action and follow-up. Candidates supportive of a new investigation may find themselves contacted by citizens who wish to assist their campaigns in some manner or another.


    This national congressional candidate poll is being conducted by 911truth.org, MUJCA-Net and other concerned truth groups who believe American citizens must be informed of the full reality of our current situation to maintain democratic governance and intelligently exercise our sovereign rights.


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