Privacy Policy


You’re here because you chose to be here.  We didn’t pay you to show up and we’re not sharing your detailed personal information with BIG BROTHER…or anyone else for that matter. Well, other than google and YouTube.  While you’re here you can expect to be relatively safe, unless you read something that offends you.  If that happens…oh well.  Everyone in the world may not agree with us.  However, because the government requires us to disclose lots of silly things because some not-so-nice people tried to do some devious things with your information, I have to tell you about how your privacy matters to us and how it is affected by you visiting 911Truth.Org.  So…since no one ever posts any of their personal information on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, SMS, Vine, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, or any of those other places we don’t like to hang out, here’s to keeping your privacy…well…private.  And heck, we’ve even made it sound nice and formal.


We care about your privacy.  This notice outlines our online information practices so you can make an informed decision about our practices and whether or not to continue visiting 911Truth.Org.  This notification is linked from the footer of our website on every page whether personally identifiable information is requested or not.


Additionally, generic, non user-specific data is tracked using Google Analytics and similar software to measure visitor statistics as a whole.  Individual, personally-identifiable data is not captured directly by 911Truth.Org for any purpose, unless you voluntarily provide it to us by signing up for our communications.


Visitors can choose to provide personal information like name, email address, phone number and location by filling out a 911Truth.Org email submission form or calling us. That’s right! You can now use your smartphone as a phone. Just put it on your ear and say “Hey!”  If you voluntarily provide us with your email address, it will be held in strict confidence.  We do not sell or disclose specific subscriber information for any reason, unless required by law.  Summary data void of personally-identifiable information may be disclosed.

911Truth.Org has links to numerous third party websites.  We cannot control the responsible use of those sites.  When you leave the domain of 911Truth.Org, this privacy policy no longer applies. You’re on your own!

Changes/Updates and Opt Out

This privacy policy was last updated on August 31, 2021.  The contents of this statement may be altered at any time, for any reason.  Contact us if you have questions about any of the ways your privacy may be impacted by visiting 911Truth.Org or if you believe any information we’re holding is incorrect or incomplete.