Protests Held Across Nation as Wars Continue on 7th Anniversary of Iraq War’s ‘Shock and Awe’

March 20, 2010
from Debra Sweet, World Can’t Wait

Racist bigots with the “Tea Party Movement” aren’t the only ones in the streets, as we proved today with coast to coast protests against the wars and torture the U.S. is still carrying out.
There were thousands marching in DC today.

Read AP report.
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Watch the AP video.


Protesters Mark Anniversary of Iraq Invasion


Watch the local video coverage:

Screenshot of NECN local coverage of anti war protests


March 2010 Iraq War Protests


You can read my speech here.

After the march, several protesters were arrested in front of the White House, including Cindy Sheehan, Elaine Brower, and Matthis Chiroux.

They are sitting in jail tonight and we are told they won’t be arraigned until Tuesday.

Photo of Debra speaking in front of white house

Speaking out against the war

Photo from We are not your soldiers protest

We Are Not Your Soldiers!

Photo of Elaine and Matthis

Military mother, Elaine Brower, and war resister Matthis Chiroux

Photo of rally holding sign that reads STOP Obamas war crimes

STOP Obama’s War Crimes

Photo of Elaine and Matthis being arrested

Elaine and Matthis being arrested

Photo of Crowd at the White House

At the White House

In San Francisco, Daniel Ellsberg spoke to a rally of thousands on the importance of protest:

Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the top-secret Pentagon Papers study of the Vietnam War and is the subject of the recent documentary film, “The Most DangerousMan in America,” likened the protest and others like it around the country Saturday to a day of demonstrations organized against the conflict in Vietnam in 1969.

“They thought it had no effect,” he told the crowd in San Francisco, referring to the 1969 protesters. “They were wrong.”

Ellsberg said President Richard Nixon was planning to escalate the war around that time, but held off.

Watch Stephanie Tang speak at the rally.

In Los Angeles, thousands also marched, including a We Are Not Your Soldiers contingent carrying a banner signed by many more youth pledging to resist military recruiters.

Photo of Daniel Ellsberg speaking to crowd

Daniel Ellsberg

Photo of crowd at San Francisco March

San Francisco

Photo from Los Angeles anti-war rally

Los Angeles

More photos on our Flickr page and on Facebook.

Want to see more of this spread? Donate today, and ask your friends to help also. Find out more about our plans to take We Are Not Your Soldiers to students around the country, and how you can be involved.

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can’t Wait


March Forward! Iraq and Afghanistan Vets Say No to Wars!

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