Rally for the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative May 28, 2008

When: Wednesday May 28th, 7:30 pm
Where: St. Mark’s Church, 2nd Avenue @ 10th Street

(New York, May 22, 2008) – The New York City 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign,
a non-profit, citizens based organization, whose goal is the creation of an independent
commission to lead a new investigation into the tragedy of 9/11, will be holding
a rally on Wednesday, May 28th at 7:30 PM at St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery.
The campaign hopes to put the issue of a new investigation of 9/11 on the November
2008 NYC ballot as a public referendum. Come and learn about this historic effort!
Visit www.nyc911initiative.org for full campaign details.

Featured speakers include:

Wayne Madsen, investigative reporter, retired NSA analyst
John Feal, 9/11 first responder, Director of the Feal Good Foundation
William Rodriguez, 9/11 hero and last survivor of WTC1
Sander Hicks, 9/11 author/researcher, founder of Voxpop.net
Jesse Richard, founder of TVNewsLies.org
Karen Johnson, state senator from Arizona (by phone)

The event will be moderated by the Reverend Frank Morales.

The rally will be an opportunity for the press and public to learn about the 9/11
Ballot Initiative Campaign and to fill out petitions. Upon reaching 30,000 valid
signatures which are lawfully required to put the Initiative on the ballot, NYC
voters will be enabled to create a fact-driven investigation of 9/11, which will
be distinct from the former Kean-Hamilton Commission because this will go beyond
political agendas by exploring all possible scenarios, following the evidence
wherever it may lead. We have the potential to redirect the course of related
political events which have had and will continue to have global repercussions
just through exercising our constitutional right to create this public referendum
calling for truth, accountability and justice.

This is now the time of reckoning. In just the past year Japanese and Italian
political officials have challenged the official account of 9/11 and called for
a new investigation. Jesse Ventura was recently on Howard Stern explaining that
the towers had to be the result of controlled demolition. Karen Johnson, state
senator from Arizona, has gone public supporting the work of Richard Gage and
Steven Jones. Also, Steven Jones just had a second paper peer-reviewed. Now imagine
the impact there will be if the voters of NYC show that we cannot accept the seriously
flawed 9/11 Commission Report and are calling for a impartial, through investigation.
This is totally possible!

A current count will be done over the next few days. We estimate having approximately
7,500 signatures. With just 300 people willing to spend 25-30 hours spare time
with petitioning teams throughout NYC over the next 4-5 weeks, we can reach
another 50-60,000 signatures! If you’re in or near NYC, please sign the Guest
Book at www.nyc911initiative.org to get started. If you are outside of the area,
we still need your support. Please direct anyone you know to our site and urge
them to download the petition and mail it in today. Also, we are asking for
your financial support. We ask everyone throughout the country to donate at
least $25, the cost of an average meal for two. This will enable us to pay for
advertising, materials, and staff. Obviously, the need is urgent. Just go to
the Donate section on our site.

Now is the time to support this campaign for a new, honest and authentic investigation
of 9/11! This is a culmination of all the work done by researchers and activists
to expose the discrepancies in the official account and the nature of 9/11 as
what PNAC described as a "New Pearl Harbor". We owe it to the victims,
the first responders, ourselves, and future generations.

Suggested donation: $15, sliding scale accepted