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Dear friends who’ve just viewed the National Geographic Conspiracy Theory on 9/11,

Thank you for taking time to come here and find our contact information in order to share your thoughts. We ask that if you are interested enough in this issue to write us hate mail because you actually believe the nonsense National Geographic states we “all believe” that you take a few minutes to click on a couple of the links to your left, in the “New to 9/11” section. What you will find is that essentially nothing that producer presented as the “beliefs” of “Truthers” actually reflects the real questions being asked by 9/11 truth advocates, as represented at this website.

This silly attempt to boil down the “Truthers” (what, people who are not actively pursuing answers to 9/11 questions are not in favor of truth? ridiculous…) to a few people who believe there was no plane at the Pentagon and the buildings were brought down by “thermite” is just that — silly. Since you’ve come this far, why not have a look at a few of the 40 Questions or the Family Report Card and ask yourself why, after nearly eight long years, family members and other Americans are still wanting for answers to these core questions … and ask yourselves why you’re still not allowed to have those answers. And have a look at the articles on the front page at or Journal of 9/11 Studies, and learn what the scientists are actually saying in their recently published peer-reviewed article. (No, it’s not “thermite”.)

We will attempt to issue a more thorough response within the next few days, particularly highlighting statements from those scientists (physicists, chemists, engineers) interviewed by National Geographic but not represented in the final edit. In the meantime, a brief review of these links will provide you with a much more accurate picture as to why millions of Americans (and our neighbors around the world) are still demanding a full investigation, restoration of our civil liberties, and truth-telling so that finally, accountability and closure will be forthcoming.

After this short effort at due diligence, if you still feel inclined to send us hate mail because you choose to believe the self-serving falsehoods served up by your corporate media, please feel free to do so. We’ll be publishing a few of your more brilliant statements in our “Humor” section soon. Thank you.

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