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Dear Friends & Allies,

March 9, 2005

I’d like to share the following:
Report from United for Peace & Justice in St. Louis, Missouri:

This is a brief report from the 3 day National Assembly of United for Peace & Justice attended by 7 core 9-11 activists (Ken Jenkins, Gabriel Day, Becky Medcalf, Steve Cassilly, Janice Matthews, Mike Berger and Phylis Gilbert). We had excellent locations in the resource room and had constant multimedia presentations playing at our booths.

The quote by Steve Biko “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” is very appropriate for summing up how challenging it is to reach out to those that should be our natural allies.

Despite early signs of support within Saturday’s plenary discussion and voting on our proposal on Monday our proposal was soundly defeated by the majority of the UPJ delegates. My sense of those voting against us is that they believe in the “blowback” theory of 9-11 and feel there is little political mileage to be made from further pursuit the unanswered questions surrounding 9-11. Most progressives unfortunately believe in the 9-11 theory of “blow back” – that real terrorist that hate us attacked us. I wish this were true and the rabbit hole didn’t go as deep as I have found it to be! They are more concerned with the ending of the current hot conflict in Iraq and still fail to see the huge potential to derail the whole PNAC war machine by exposing the criminal, treasonous acts of 9-11.

On the bright side, we had many good connections with grassroots activists, building new alliances with supporters and distributed a good amount of educational materials.

Thanks to Steve of St. Louis there are an amazing amount of great video files at

The redesigned is up now and has many newly released DVDs like the new edition of The Great Conspiracy, The Oil Factor, Truth & Politics, Celsius 9-11, The Future of Food, Thinking the Unthinkable and Orwell Rolls in His Grave.

9-11 Networking in Paris & Rome and then North Carolina – I’ll be away from CA in Paris & Rome and then at the March 19th regional peace rally in Fayetteville, NC ( meeting with anti-war and 9-11 Truth activists.

John Buchanan, the 9-11 Republican Truth candidate, is back in Santa Cruz, California and is available for public speaking on 9-11 and the Bush crime family. Call him at 207-332-3978

Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance has a website up and running at

Thanks to all of you for your courageous efforts,
Gabriel Day

9-11 Truth movement links and resources for awareness building, education and fundraising at

“…it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds..” – Samuel Adams

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