Reflections on Gratitude and Resistance

Thank you!!

Five years ago tomorrow the 9/11 Visibility Project began, in Kansas City and
Seattle, holding weekly vigils asking America to support the 9/11 Families in
their efforts to demand an investigation of the events of 9/11. For the next
18 months, Kansas City was in the streets every single weekend with signs, flyers,
outrage, and courage as we watched the families’ success in forcing the creation
of the Commission turn to deception upon deception. City after city began to
join us, the Eleventh of Every Month campaign kicked off with monthly actions,
national groups like Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Lawyers for 9/11 Truth,
Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, We Are Change, and so many others came to life.
As we came to realize we were never really going to “reform” the media,
we became the media instead, through radio shows, independent newspapers,
public access tv productions, dvd, book, and flyer creation, and perhaps most
importantly, person to person communication of real truths our neighbors’ corporate media
was not telling them.

We have succeeded much more than we usually recognize. In spite of our government
“catapulting the propaganda” and their media minions continuing to
assist in making sure the lies are disseminated thoroughly, we know (through
our last national Zogby poll) that a majority of Americans do not believe the
government propaganda narrative of 9/11. We are rejecting, as a people, the
fear mongering hatred continuously heaved upon us. We’re asking, “What
role do I play in this? If this is being done in MY name, what responsibility
do I have to stop the carnage?” And in answer, we the people are overwhelmingly
seeing with new eyes the real state of the union. And of the world. And we will NOT be silent.

For these five-plus years, I have had the great honor to come to know hundreds,
and indirectly thousands, of compassionate, dedicated, courageous people around
this world. For each of you, I am truly grateful. Each of us has brought to
this movement different gifts. Some have been able to monetarily support the
cause, others are able to use what little they have to get in the streets. We
have used our skills to produce materials the rest of us can distribute, facilitated
the creation of groups, given speeches and presentations around the world, written
books and articles… And for all of us, talking to friends, coworkers, strangers
has been the core. We are truly a grassroots movement. People everywhere doing
what they can, looking to see what must be done and taking it upon themselves
to do it, not waiting for some “great leader” to tell us what to do,
or promise us the moon… WE are what we’ve been waiting for, and WE are not
waiting any longer! WE are millions, WE are everywhere, and WE have great power!

We must stand strong now, stronger than ever, more visibly than ever, joining
with everyone who is genuinely* fighting back–whether or not we agree with
their ideology, their specific issues, their general beliefs, their organizational
structure–in order to “catapult the truth” in a way that empowers
more of the People to stand up with us. The world sees us. The world knows the
crimes being committed in our name do NOT reflect the values and heart of we,
the People. But we must not back down, in spite of promises of change. We must
stand strong until we see real, lasting change has been truly created and implemented.
Now is the time for real resistance, not complacence!

So to each of you, I genuinely extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation,
and my honor for your awesome courage, persistence, and compassion in the face
of great repression. We are an amazing movement, made up of amazing people,
with amazing power. Thank you!

Janice Matthews
Your Director

* fighting back genuinely = through using the truth.
Obviously, this does not include those who are lying with “misinformation”
and “disinformation,” disrupting, redirecting into useless effort,
and otherwise working against us.