‘Rescue Me’ braces for controversy

Michael J. Fox to play paraplegic on FX series

January 14, 2009

It’s been a hot-potato even for the most heavyweight of political pundits
in recent years, but the fifth season of the FX series “Rescue Me”
will intrepidly delve into the controversial theory that the 9/11 attacks were
aided or perpetrated by the U.S. government.

Season five will find the men of Engine 62 divided over the polarizing theory
after a journalist working on a 10-year-anniversary story delves up painful

“I think there are a lot of well-thought-out ideas and theories (about
9/11) that to me make more sense than has been popularly espoused, and I’m
glad we could explore it in the context of the show,” said cast member
Daniel Sanjata, addressing tube journos at the Television Critics Assn. confab
in Universal City Tuesday.

That storyline, and others, including a five-episode arc featuring Michael
J. Fox as an alcoholic paraplegic, will punctuate “Rescue Me’s”
fifth campaign — one which series masterminds Denis Leary and Peter Tolan hope
puts the show back on track creatively after what they felt was a lackluster
season four.

“We didn’t have the clarity of vision we had in previous years,”
noted Tolan. “There was a lack of focus.”

Added series star and exec producer Leary: “We’re five years in.
You’ve got to have some suck parts, and we got those out of the way.”

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