Richard Gage, AIA, in Paris

From Arno Mansouri in Paris, where Richard Gage, AIA spoke on Thursday night,
November 13, 2008

were 242 people attending the presentation (which was slightly above the number
of seats of the venue) on Thursday the 13th of November: a full house indeed

We actually had to refuse some people even though we did put a notice on our
site stating that it was fully booked, and asking people NOT to come if they
had not made reservations already — do note that we probably could have had
about twice as many people if we have had the adequate hall (we had to settle
for this movie house, a larger venue was way too much money for our finances,
unfortunately) and therefore, we had to cease advertising the presentation a
few days before it was held…

We then decided to put the emphasis on getting the info to local (French)
professional architects & engineers, and there were 42 architects and 41
engineers present that night.

Hopefully, a fair amount of the above mentioned professionals will meet up
and create a group of their own, in connection with both A&E and

We are going to see to that; it is also just as important that these professionals
pass the information they received to their friends and colleagues, in every
country M. Gage visits.

Everything went fine, as these figures show:

Believers of the Official Conspiracy Theory:
Before the presentation: 13
After the presentation: 1

People unsure:
Before: 62
After: 10

Many thanks to Richard Gage’s dedication and Annie Machon’s decisive
help in putting this European tour together.

Arno Mansouri

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