Rob Kall interviews Sibel Edmonds


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May 16, 2009

Rob Kall Headlined Lukery’s transcript:…

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They spy on judges, too.…
FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2009
Rob Kall interviews Sibel Edmonds
Rob Kall of Op-Ed News interviewed Sibel on Wednesday. The audio ought to show up here at some point.

The following is a partial transcript. All errors, edits and omissions are mine.

Sibel Edmonds:
We (NSWBC) stopped our activities for a while, and we are restarting them again, and I just launched my blog,, and the first series that I’m posting there is on the mainstream media, and in the next few days, you’re going to see more than 300 whistleblowers who are going to post their comments at the blog too, about their experiences with various people in the mainstream media.

So that’s going to be the main discussion, because currently we review the mainstream media as the culprit, because if they were to do their jobs, they would put pressure on the people in the congress, because these people want to get re-elected, and therefore that pressure would act as a catalyst to get these things that we, the people, have been asking for – the real hearings and accountability. But without the mainstream media putting that pressure, going after them, well, they don’t have anything really to fear. You know, you have to have carrots, you have to have sticks, but there have been no sticks for these people. They get away with everything.

And even when we have some coverage, it only lasts for a couple of days, you don’t get what you saw, let’s say, with Watergate. You have to keep at it, and the mainstream media is not doing this. And the best example of this is the Harman case, it just popped out, and then in a couple of days it disappeared, and it has been buried.


They never ask “Why State Secrets Privilege?” and that is what I always bring up with people

Rob Kall: Well, why is there the State Secrets Privilege?

SE: That is the question, right. There are people in the, I would not even say the alternative media, some good researchers in the blogosphere who have worked on it and have been able to at least answer some of that question.

RK: What were the answers?

SE: Well, the answer is, from 1996 to 2002, there were certain investigations under one file within the FBI, that involved criminal activities by US persons, and these are the US government people, whether elected or appointed – and I’m talking about criminal deeds with some severe consequences, and if my case were to be public – to go to court all the way, or have hearings in congress, and you have the FBI agents as witnesses come and testify, with other witnesses, and myself, you will see a lot of these people go to jail.

You will see immediately a Special Prosecutor in this case and you will see the trial for these people because you are looking at very, very serious issues, very, very serious illegal activities.


SE: Vanity Fair ran the story on Dennis Hastert and the fact that he may have been one of the top targets of the FBI in this corruption and criminal matters involving Turkey, because of his relationship, and some of the illegal activities he was engaged with, with certain Turkish and Turkish American people…


RK: What was the scandal regarding Turkey?

SE: Well, the fact that he was receiving suitcases full of cash from certain Turkish organizations, to do certain things in Congress, and in the Senate (?) for them, and that some of his activities involved, actually, narcotics in Chicago.


As soon as Hastert came out of Congress, he goes and becomes an agent for Turkey, getting $35,000 per month for serving this interest, and most likely, his son will be replacing that service provided from the inside (if the son gets elected to Hastert’s seat). That’s how it works with Congress – even when they are out, they are not really out.

You see, before Dennis Hastert, OK, the person who was serving this interest (Turkey) in congress was Bob Livingston; he was the Speaker of the House. And I can not tell you whether the FBI had thick files on Bob Livingston or not. Well, Bob Livingston resigned, left the Congress in 1999, OK, Hastert replaced him. In 1999 when Bob Livingston left Congress, a few months later he, again, registered himself as the agent for the Turkish interests, under FARA, Foreign Agents Registration Act, under this company that he set up, The Livingston Group, and he received $1.5 million per year for eight years.

His boy, Dennis Hastert, was left behind and became Speaker of the House. Now, Dennis Hastert is out and receiving $35,000 per month serving the Turkish interests. I’m sure he has several boys left behind there who would be doing what Hastert did while he was inside, and then when they come out, they will get their $35,000 or $50,000. That’s how it works. And it’s not only with the Turkish Lobby; you see that a lot with the Israel Lobby. A lot of people know this, but as I said, we get these crusty people and then we keep re-electing them. Why? Because a lot of people don’t know about this, and they don’t know about it because the mainstream media is not reporting it.

RK: What did Turkey get in the deal?

SE: It is not the Turkish government – it only looks like it is the Turkish government, but these are certain entities, and again there is plenty of information out there, these are certain Turkish entities that are engaged in certain international activities, some of them legal, some of them illegal.

And again, there are many pieces written on this, one is by Phil Giraldi …. which talks about what these Turkish entities do, and who they are… He links these Turkish entities directly to Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and Eric Edelman and Marc Grossman and Dennis Hastert, and he makes those links fairly accurately… He is a pretty solid freelance writer, he’s very good, and very intelligent, and also knowledgeable with direct information on certain angles on my case, because that is what he did, he did work in Turkey, and he was involved in operations that involved, basically, some of the same people.


RK: So Turkey basically gets better treatment from the US, they get access to military technology, maybe they get to be a little nastier with the Kurds…

SE: Yes, and when you’re getting into the military technology, or intelligence stuff, you’re basically looking at espionage activities, and they can obtain information from the Pentagon and State Department or congress. Classified information that belongs to the American government that is not supposed to go to other countries, but they’re able to get whatever they want because they have their people in place.


RK: What do you think of AG Eric Holder?

SE: He’s basically the same old dung, the same crap, putting it crudely. There is no difference between him and Ashcroft or Gonzales, and unfortunately every day that passes in these four years we are going to see that. We are already seeing this. They dropped the AIPAC court case. Who did it? Obama’s Justice Department, his AG decided, despite all the evidence on these Israeli spies, that they were going to drop it. Even the Bush administration didn’t go that far – because some of the FBI agents were out there who would have screamed, and they did. Because that is why we got that CQ piece on Harman. So they said ‘we will not go after you.’ Obama’s administration right now, they are pressuring the British government saying we don’t want you to pursue this torture case in your courts because it involves some of our classified information, and we don’t want you to do that. It’s not only that they are classifying things here, trying to cover up with secrecy, they’re trying to do it overseas, with England! That is ridiculous. It’s the same with torture. It is this administration, this Justice Department that is saying that everybody is going to get off the hook…


RK: Now you have a new website. What is it?

SE: . And my first series is going to be on the mainstream media… and there will be a surprise element, because in the next few days there will be an announcement there, and I believe that will bring a lot of attention from the mainstream media. It may turn the whole thing into a war zone but we’ll see about that, so some exciting things are going to happen there. I hope we will get more visitors and I hope I’ll find more ways to promote…

I hope people will cross-post what I write I’m hoping to get tons and tons of comments at the blog, and we’ll have the surprise announcement in the next few days which will be good, because we have about 300+ members and sub-members for NSWBC – people from the NSA, FBI, CIA, DoD, people such as Russ Tice, and all these people are going to be active with the blog, posting comments, some anonymous, some with their pseudo-names. Keep following the blog – because when the attack comes, and they start doing it, the mainstream media, I’m going to need all the support I can get! Don’t leave me alone there! And I’m also working on the next op-ed piece which is going to be on Obama with some of the stuff we just talked about… And anyone can take any of these articles and reprint them, absolutely. And if people can point back to my blog, because I’ll need these people to come and comment, I’ll need these supporters because the attacks will follow, I know it’s going to come.

RK: What kind of attack? What are you talking about?

SE: Well, this is going to be a pretty interesting thing. You’re going to find out in two days – so that’s something to look forward to, because, in a way, us, the whistleblowers, are going to turn the table on the mainstream media.

In fact, to say the ‘mainstream media is the culprit’ in a way let’s them off the hook, because it’s just a general term, like saying ‘congress’ but when you start going individually after individuals, or individual papers with specific cases it becomes a different story… These are the things we are going to put on my blog, and I’m going to hit them. Name, paper, incident, cases.

Good interview as always.

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