Sibel Edmonds & Daniel Ellsberg speak

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Sibel Edmonds and Daniel Ellsberg, July 14, 2004 transcribed (as best I could) from audio at:

Sibel Edmonds: Many people out there, either within the Congress or with the Commission, their attitude is, they don’t want to know the truth. It’s like see no evil, hear no evil, as long as you don’t hear it or see it, you’re safe. So I wanted to find out, Who wants to hear the truth?

Because we’re not talking about issues that have to do with somebody was incompetent and they missed [?the single calls?], we are looking at much deeper issues that in certain cases things were prevented from being pursued.

For example, I can talk about parts that I know about, and that is the list of witnesses, the special agents, okay? be it with the fbi or atf, and other translators who have come to us, to me, to family members, and their names and their contact information had been given to 9/11 Commission, and we can establish that these people were never contacted.

And more people come forward — which we have been having people coming forward, not into public, but to me — and they say, “OK I have information” — where do you take these people? You can’t take them to 9/11 commission. You can’t take them to the Congress, they don’t do anything. And you can’t take them to Inspector General’s Office, they’re not independent. And my report hasn’t even [??] Where am I gonna take these people? This is an issue that these people are really afraid of. They are being scared; I mean look, if Ashcroft is willing to go publicly gagging the Congress — Publicly! — imagine what he is doing that we are not hearing about? If publicly he is gagging the Congress, what is he doing behind closed doors to them?

Daniel Ellsberg: You know, the warning they gave you, from Congress, if Sibel keeps bothering us, and keeps pressing us like this, we’ll regard her as a pest, I mean, you’ll lose friends.

Sibel Edmonds: This is exactly, “if she continues pressing us like this and place pressure, she ain’t gonna make any friends here, she’s not making anything but enemies, we don’t like to be pressured.” They know, that for every piece that they will try, and attempt to do with lies and [?theories?], I will put out one thing in there and that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

so… have them be my guest.


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