Sibel Edmonds’ ‘The Boiling Frogs’ Interviews Joe Trento

The Boiling Frogs Banner Joe Trento discusses our history with Iran — from the Mossadeq Era to the recent twitter campaign, Zbigniew Brzezinski’s foreign policy strategy and objectives in the region, and he talks about Israel, Saudi Arabia’s backing of Pakistan’s pursuit of the nuclear bomb and AQ Khan, the terrible state of US Media, the prospect of ‘real change,’ and more.

Here is our guest Joe Trento unplugged!

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Joe Trento has spent more than 40 years as an investigative journalist, working with both print and broadcast outlets and writing extensively. Before joining the National Security News Service in 1991, Trento worked for CNN’s Special Assignment Unit, The Wilmington News Journal, and prominent journalist Jack Anderson. Trento has received numerous reporting awards and is the author of seven books, including America and The Islamic Bomb , Unsafe At Any Altitude, Prelude To Terror , The Secret History of the CIA , Widows , Prescription for Disaster: From the Glory of Apollo to the Betrayal of the Shuttle , and The National Aeronautics and Space Administration . For further reading visit Joe Trento’s site, .

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