Statement of Solidarity from Argentine 9/11 Truth


Issued by 9/11 Truth of Argentina, September 9, 2007:

Citizens of the world, the lies about the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon
and the Twin Towers (9/11/01) are falling apart: Dublin, Madrid, Buenos Aires,
Rome, Paris, United States.

On September 11th, those of us who struggle for the truth will be honoring the
victims, in Buenos Aires, Dublin, Santiago de Chile, Caracas, Madrid, Paris,
Rome, Brussels and several places of the United States. Six years ago, Bush
swore that the terrorist had been Bin Laden, and the whole world except for
few believed him. Today, few believe him.

Italian, Spanish, Argentine, French, German and many American organizations
and investigators are working for the truth, for there are as many lies as casualties.
University professor David Ray Griffin is calling for demonstrations all over
the world: Because of the attack, Americans have accepted anything.

"The attacks left Americans numb enough to accept anything; in the US,
this has meant severe restrictions to civil liberties. Abroad, we have had a
war against terror that has been a war of aggression against Muslims. This has
meant six years of torture, humiliation and death of hundreds of thousands of
people in Afghanistan and Iraq, people who were innocent civilians or soldiers
fighting against an immoral and even illegal occupation."

The cover-up by the media is worldwide

We have seen an unprecedented cover-up of the media in the US and allied countries
(also in Argentina). There had been cover-ups before. But in this case, the
crime was larger, enormous, the consequences more serious, catastrophic, and
the evidence, more obvious. (For example, just by looking at the falling down
of the building 7 of the World Trade Center, anyone who knows anything about
this issue must consider that it was pulled down by explosives (and not by planes).

The mass media are hiding the fact that we are not before the presence of Muslim
terrorism, but terrorism generated by the government of the US.

The failure of the media in exposing the lies of the official version threatens
the continuity of democracy, which simply cannot work without independent media
devoted to reveal crimes of State.

Which is the truth about Bush’s war against terror? None

The war against terror is false. The "movement for the truth about 9/11"
is motivated by the desire to discover the truth about what really happened
and who is really behind these attacks. In these six years, the movement has
made much progress.

Many can see that there was no external attack but an inside work

More and more people are beginning to realize that the attacks of 9/11 were
an inside job orchestrated by the government of the United States as a pretext
to apply their previously established external politics.

The advances of those who struggle for the truth are huge

There have been two very important advances. One has been the appearance of
groups of professionals. Now, not only do we have "scholars for truth about
9/11" and "scholars for truth and justice about 9/11", which
has released a magazine with studies about 9/11; we also have "veterans
for truth about 9/11", "pilots for truth about 9/11", "architects
and engineers for truth about 9/11". On the other hand, despite the fact
that there still is not an organization of former intelligence agents, many
of them have spoken publicly.

Importance of activism

The other great advance has been the increase of activism regarding 9/11 in
Europe . But we still have a long way to go. That is why it is important that
all of you do not cease to work in order to put pressure on all the politicians
in the world and demand a true investigation on 9/11. Congratulations on your
success in organizing this historic demonstration. It might be remembered as
one of the steps that helped discover the truth about 9/11, a truth that will
mean a lot to overcome the madness that we are going through".

This is the letter by David Ray Griffin, which we support. But Argentines still
can say something.

Who are the investigators, personalities, artists, governments and statesmen
that are joining the struggle for the truth?

Eminem, Immortal Technique and Mortal Def have written a rap which chorus says
"Bush knocked down the towers"; the artists around the world could
abandon their fears and emulate them.

In Hollywood, actors like Charlie Sheen, Danny Glover, Sharon Stone, Michael
Moore, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Sean Penn are committed to the demolition
of the official lies. Are our actors staying behind?

Prestigious investigators and lawyers are advancing with discoveries that
indicate that Bush’s government is the author of the attacks. The group of Argentine
investigators is getting international respect by connecting the international
politics of Bush based on 9/11 with the utilization of attacks in Argentina
(Embassy of Israel, AMIA) to accuse and invade Iran.

Statesmen like former German minister Andreas von Bulow say that 9/11 was
a self-attack, and the prominent American politician B. Brzezinski recognizes
that the US may need more self-attacks. The political class and most of the
Argentine journalists pretend to ignore these facts.

From Argentina, we support the activities and wish for a huge success
of the movements in Europe and the US

The self-attacks of the US were the crowning of a process that started in Lockerbie
(Scotland), continued in Buenos Aires (1992, 1994) and included similar attacks
in Madrid and London. Day after day, more suspicions of cover-up from the Spanish
and British governments arise. Investigators and movements for the truth are
taking care of what happened in the US, but so far the only country that acknowledges
that its institutions were used for the cover-up is Argentina. Our country confessed
"I cover up", but it still cannot say "I cover up by orders of
this and that foreign power".

Hundreds of deaths in Madrid, London and Buenos Aires; thousands in the US;
millions in Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. The Patriot Act that was
a major blow against freedom in the US already has its pair among us, the "Antiterrorist
Act" and "Intelligence Act". How can we not fight together with
the democratic citizens and investigators of Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Spain,
Britain and the US?!

On the next September 11th we shall be walking side by side with the Europeans
and Americans that are showing the world that the reserves of the American democracy
have not been silenced despite the acts and politics of terrorism of Blair,
Olmert and Bush and the massive campaigns of local and international censorship.

Dr. Oscar Abudara Bini
I. A. T (Investigadores argentinos del Terrorismo)
AGUERO 1330 floor 4 Apto J

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