Summary: London SCADs Conference, held October 15, 2011


From Ian Henshell
October 20, 2011

The all day London SCADs conference last Saturday 15 October drew around 120 people over the day.

The atmosphere was excellent with lots of networking in the second room helped by affordable food, tea and coffee.

The numbers were a little disappointing but there is plenty of room for improvement in the future. The meeting was organised in only 8 weeks, the venue was unknown and not very convenient, and there were several other events in London that day including the start of Occupy the City.

Feedback needed

Were we right to make the Conference on SCADs and not exclusively 9/11? Most of the visitors seemed to come from the Reinvestigate 9/11 email list but there was plenty support for the broader strategy. However some have expressed reservations over the choice of topics or have said there was simply too much on.

We will be discussing this at our activists meeting this Monday and coming up with a strategy for the coming year. If you think you can offer practical help in the future and would like to come to this meeting, please email for details. Alternatively, you can just email with any observations and suggestions.

Here is a very brief summary of the proceedings in order of appearance:

We are beginning to put material on the Reinvestigate 911 accounts on Youtube and Vimeo and hope to have quite a lot of this material up by the end of this weekend.

Financial crisis and global elite. Martin Summers said that the elite have been making all the mistakes that led to the great depression, but this is even worse as a result of the highly destabilising derivatives casino which has created vast amounts of debt out of any proportion to the real economy.

Why the media won’t do their job. Tim Gopsill listed ten reasons why the mainstream media will not examine 9/11. In essence they see no immediate irrefutable evidence that the story is wrong while the official story seems to have a sort of internal consistency. He did not agree with all the reasons and said they added up to an unhealthy taboo. Robin Ramsay said that the media and political classes are simply not interested in finding out the truth. Paul Warburton explained his letter writing campaign to the BBC Trust.

Wars and globalisation. Professor Tony Hall summarised a new paper written with this conference in mind. Far from being a one-off, the official 9/11 story fits a pattern of demonising people from whom the US wishes to grab resources or land. The legend of the bloodthirsty barbarian inspired the expansion of the early United States across the continent. One of the less well known parts of the declaration of Independence was a denunciation of the British crown for not being aggressive enough in seizing native American assets.

Death of David Kelly. David Halpin appeared on a skype connection which worked well. He explained a series of inconsistencies in the post mortem results and the immediate discovery of the body.

The capture of Labour by New Labour. Robin Ramsay explained that Labour has always been colonised by outside networks who are deeply embedded in the party. He traced the Blair network which funded – not Labour in general – but Blair’s private office, enhancing his power.

7/7: the missing ringleaders. Bridget Dunne of the J7 campaign and Tom Secker, who showed excerpts from his film 7/7 Crime and Prejudice took a different view from some 7/7 internet sceptics. They are reluctant to come to firm conclusions. They stressed the lack of evidence surrounding the alleged bombers’ activities on the day, the extra players that have been – literally in some cases – edited out of the official account, and the suspicious figures in the background who seem to have been working for the authorities.

How the latest CIA revelations in Washington could crack the 9/11 case. Ian Henshall explained why the new mainstream allegations are so significant: Richard Clarke (White House) and Ali Soufan (FBI) are experts who the media cannot deny are credible. They are both in effect alleging that the CIA made a decision which allowed the 9/11 attacks to go ahead.

Professor Niels Harrit made a several points on the collapse of the three 9/11 buildings. He passed round some WTC dust and a magnet which confirmed the presence of microscopic iron spheres, which must have been due to condensing of liquid iron, thus indicating temperatures far too high to fit the official 9/11 story. He explained that the BBC Conspiracy Files were right that nanothermites do not release a specially high level of heat overall, but they deliver it all in milliseconds.

Finally there was general feedback and discussion. The consensus seemed to be that both the diverse agenda and the opportunities for networking were valuable.

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