Surprise Green Presidential Nominee David Cobb Upsets Nader and Calls Party to 9/11 Truth


JUNE 30, 2004


Milwaukee, WI: Populist Texan lawyer, David Cobb, won a stunning second round victory over Ralph Nader’s forces to take the Green Party’s 2004 presidential nomination last Saturday. In another remarkable break with and for political commonsense, Cobb became the first US candidate for high public office to ever publicly call for 9/11 truth.

The move reflects increasing party concern with the corporate coup, media censorship, and the suspect convenience of 9/11 to justify long planned attacks on oil-rich lands, the environment and the Constitution. The convention crowd of over 800 delegates loudly cheered Cobb’s fiery acceptance speech as he condemned Washington’s bipartisan full spectrum dishonesty on these issues and backed a Green push for full spectrum disclosure:


“One of the things that the Greens are doing is creating a space and a political party for us to tell the truth! We must tell the truth. We must tell the truth about the ecological catastrophe that is looming. We must tell the truth about a racist and sexist and classist country and world. And we must force our elected representatives to tell the truth about whatever happened on September 11th, 2001!”


Green 9/11 activists were particularly evident in the delegations from California, Florida, Maine and of course New York. Indeed earlier in the day when the New York delegation got the traditional 60 seconds of mike time before announcing its vote count, instead of using this spotlight to tout the state’s glories, it made a lengthy impassioned call for solidarity with the 9/11 victim families still seeking justice and accountability.

Although Cobb’s demand was unprecedented for a presidential candidate, this was not the Greens’ first call to 9/11 arms. As early as April 28th, the Green Party had broadcast a press release denouncing the current 9/11 Commission as “deeply flawed” and calling for an entirely new inquiry led by the victim families. During the convention, New Yorkers, Mitch Cohen and Mark Dunlea, who had both written widely on the cover-up, encouraged fellow delegates to focus more on official 9/11 lies as the great enabler of the neocon war machine. California congressional candidate and constitutional law scholar, Ray Glock-Grueneich even offered to help draft impeachment articles based on the current abundance of prima facie 9/11 evidence now in the public domain.

Vice-presidential nominee Pat Lamarche also announced both full support for the 9/11 initiative and coming plans to interview victim family representatives on her popular radio show in Augusta, Maine. (Unfortunately Lamarche’s station is part of the huge Citadel Communications chain, which is also a big military-industrial player, and her bosses responded to her new engagements by firing her the day she returned.)

Cobb and Lamarche’s campaign is expected to highlight the scores of still unanswered 9/11 questions and play a major role in the summer media debates after the 9/11 Commission’s final report is released.

For more news on the Greens and 9/11, see, and in coming weeks.

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