Sydney 9/11 Event Creates Serious Mainstream Media Ripples!

Story by John Bursill
22nd of July, 2010

Australia’s number one talk back Radio Station 2GB, has reported on the Prof. Niels Harritt Lecture on the 17th of July, 2010 at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts during their late night show with Brian Wilshire. Sydney’s most popular late night show’s regular guest, Prof. Keith Suter, who attended the Harritt Lecture, has expressed his fascination with the issue of the World Trade Center 7 collapse on the afternoon of September 11, 2001.

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Prof. Suter, a highly regarded Australian media personality and internationally recognised academic and expert on foreign affairs, clearly expressed his satisfaction with the event and the evidence supporting an apparent “implosion” of WTC 7. “I commend the organisers. They kept emphasizing it was a scientific gathering, although it was open to the general public… they were treating it in a scientific way. They were looking simply at the scientific aspects of ‘how’ the building came down not ‘why’ or ‘who’. There were questions from the floor, naturally, sort of saying who would be behind this and the scientists they had there…(Harritt, et. al)…they kept saying no, no, no it’s our job to simply identify the process by which the buildings came down”. Suter, while talking to popular host Brian Wilshire who is already on the record as having many doubts about the official “9/11 conspiracy theory”, went on to mention that WTC 7’s collapse was missing from the 9/11 Commission Report.

It continues to be evident that the official conspiracy theory is dying the death of one thousand cuts by the tireless efforts of determined citizen activists. It also seems evident that it is by taking a non-conspiratorial approach to the events of 9/11 we are having the most success; that is, by allowing media people of conscience to report on alternate and controversial evidence of criminal activity without being called “conspiracy nuts”.

Do not be fooled by the silence of our mainstream media on an alternate 9/11 reality; it is and continues to be the most corrosive background media element holding back the power elite’s agenda worldwide. One by one the intelligent media personalities with credibility are getting on the right side of history as the 9/11 Truth message becomes more reasoned and supported by what the “hard evidence” shows.

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