Sydney Radio 2GB Hosts Debate – “Arguments Rage over 9/11: John Bursill vs. Mike King”


Australia’s Radio 2GB: Sydney Live with Ben Fordham hosts 9/11 debate

“Arguments Rage over 9/11: John Bursill vs. Mike King”

Nearly 10 years on, many still argue who was really behind the 9/11 attacks….Ben Fordham investigates.

This excellent debate can be heard at 2GB, Sydney’s number 1 rated talk station which has been broadcasting for over 80 years, part of Macquarie Radio Network, hosted by 2GB’s show, ” The Lounge “, or via upload to YouTube here:

Audio of Part I


Sydney Live 3 till 6 is presented by Walkley award winning reporter Ben Fordham.

Who is host Ben Fordham?

Ben Fordham, Host of 2GB’s Sydney Live – 3 till 6, Ben Fordham is a Walkley award winning reporter who still can’t believe he gets paid to work in radio and television. Ben has called Channel Nine home for the past decade, reporting from around the world on 60 Minutes, A Current Affair, Nine News and Today Show. His stories have been broadcast internationally on CNN, SKY and ABC AMERICA. … On radio, Ben has become a popular part-time radio host on AM stations. His most recent stint was filling in for Steve Vizard on the morning shift on Melbournes MTR. He’s also the Australian correspondent for some overseas radio stations. Ben’s coming-of-age in journalism came before he celebrated his 21st birthday. Then a political correspondent on Sydney radio, Fordham won a Walkley Award — Australia’s top award in journalism – for his coverage of the Thredbo landslide tragedy and a Raward – the top accolade in the Australian radio industry – for excellence in journalism. He became the youngest reporter in history to win a Walkley-Raward double and was honoured on Australia Day with a Young Citizen of the Year award. (continued)

Audio of Part II


Who is Mike King?

I am trained in science but my day job for the last twenty years is in the visual arts. In the material below I have attempted to check and double check facts and calculations, but like all of us am prone to error. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to point out errors of data or calculation, or errors in the flow of argument, and will be pleased to change the text and give appropriate credit. New evidence will undoubtedly come to light over time, and this may alter the known facts and the course of my arguments here or even reverse them. So much the better: I call that good science.

Mr. King has published a paper, “Good Science and 9-11 Demolition Theories,” at

Who is John Bursill?

John Bursill (Born 1968) is a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer based in Sydney Australia working on Boeing Aircraft and is qualified in Avionics (Elect/Inst/Radio) on the 767, 747 and 737 series aircraft. He is a family man and involved with numerous community events and organisations. John has served his country as a member of the Australian Army Reserve over many years and finished up as acting Operations/Intelligence Sargent for 4/3 RNSWR. John considers himself a true patriot of his country and a supporter of the US alliance in the sense of us together supporting national security, freedom and justice throughout the world.

His affiliations include:

Delegate: Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association Member: Returned Serviceman’s League or Australia Member: Amnesty International Member: Lions International

John has been a serious 9/11 Truth Activist since 2006 when in January he viewed “Loose Change — 2nd Edition” on the internet after a fellow Aircraft Engineer he worked with expressed a concern that maybe one of those crazy “conspiracy theories” might actually be true and suggested he watch the film. John had a great struggle with the evidence presented in this amateur documentary and was very keen to debunk it. Unfortunately even though the film makers had made a few mistakes and allowed speculation to creep into their production it was obvious that the “Official Conspiracy Theory” was not true. Since then he is doing all that one man can to find the truth and to inform the public of that truth to hopefully create interest in questioning Australian and US foreign policy based on a 9/11 delusion.

John after many years of research is convinced that 9/11 was a psychological operation designed to promote a war agenda spelt out by the Neo-Cons around the Bush/Cheney Administration and specifically the “Project for the New American Century” in their manifesto “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”. It seems to John based on the evidence that 9/11 was perpetrated and/or covered up by elements within the United States Government, the Military Industrial Security Complex and with the assistance of individuals in the FBI and NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology). It also is blatantly obvious that the “9/11 Commission” was set up to fail as has been said by many of the commissioners and their chairmen Keen and Hamilton; this is completely unacceptable and is a slap in the face for the family members of the victims which include ten Australian’s families.


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