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Santa Cruz ‘Understanding Deep Politics’ Conference Pursues Broad Spectrum Antidotes (Live streaming available)

Revealing the Hidden Forces Behind World Events and Offering Creative Solutions Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) May 10, 2010 -- Organizers of the May 14-16 Santa Cruz "Understanding Deep Politics" conference have...

Face the Shadow First: Seeking the Hidden Dimensions of American and Global Politics

Please also see update announcements from conference organizers, which follow this article.

May 14-16: Understanding Deep Politics Conference

--indeed, to a much darker future than most citizens can even imagine. Our wide-ranging roster of presenters, including David Ray Griffin, Cynthia McKinney, Jim Marrs and Ellen Brown, will delve into the roots of...

Understanding Deep Politics (Early Bird deadline March 31st)

With Speakers: Cynthia McKinney, David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Ellen Brown, Ian Crane, Annie Machon, Jim Marrs, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips, and Barrie Zwicker In one packed weekend, Understanding Deep Politics will bring together...

BBC Hit Piece a Tissue of Lies, Bias and Emotional Manipulation

Thanks to the Prison Planet folks for being at the ready to react to this assault on truth and accuracy. Watch it on Google Video, and then sure to make your opinions known, politely, to the BBC people responsible:

complaints dept: HelenBoaden.Complaints@bbc.co.uk producer: guy.smith@bbc.co.uk series producer: mike.rudin@bbc.co.uk You can also complain to the British govt. office of communications

Taking to the Streets on 9/11

Truly moving account of the September 11 truth actions in New York. Given all the potentially risky fault lines that weekend between the families, the police, the truth activists, and even within the movement, the cohesive and optimistic energy that marked this "anniversary" is a sign of both increasing compassion and progress, and should give us all a lot of hope.