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Sept. 11 First Responders to Visit W Va School

Congratulations to John Feal, who was given the key to the city of Buchannon. Also, if you haven't donated to The "Congress Is Shameful" 9/11 First Responder Fund-Raiser, time's a runnin' out. - Jon Gold

Was The 9/11 Commission Bribed?

by Jon Gold 8/27/2008 Recently, Mike Berger from 911Truth.org was interviewed by the "Conscience of Kansas" Conservative Paul Ibbetson. During the interview, Mike mentioned the alleged bribery of the 9/11 Commission by Pakistan to omit any...

History Commons Is An Important Tool For 9/11 Truth

Editor's Note: Following is a series of brief films made recently by Jon Gold, based on research from CooperativeResearch.org (now called historycommons.org). Excellent fact-based summaries of a number of core issues pertaining to 9/11. You...

9/11 Truth: We Deserve Better

A video tribute by Jon Gold July 24, 2008 They deserve better than this. We deserve better than this. Please read the Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report.

Video Response to BBC’s ‘Conspiracy Files’

The Final Mystery Of 9/11? (A video response by Jon Gold to the BBC's latest episode of "Conspiracy Files," which purports to lay to rest the "mystery of 9/11." Uhm... they failed, by the way.) What...

Quotations — video

Posted July 3, 2008, by Jon Gold