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Why Louis Freeh Should Be Investigated For 9/11

“The FBI has proven for the past decade it cannot identify and prevent acts of terrorism against the United States and its citizens at home and abroad. Even worse, there is virtually no effort on the part of the FBI’s International Terrorism Unit to neutralize known and suspected terrorists residing within the United States.”[1] ... Judicial Watch pointed to a “legacy of corruption” at the FBI under Freeh, listing the espionage scandal at Los Alamos National Laboratories, as well as “Filegate, Waco, the Ruby Ridge cover-up, the Olympic bombing frame-up of Richard Jewell, [and] falsification of evidence concerning the Oklahoma City bombing.”[4]

New PENTTBOM.com videos as of February 1st, 2009

February 1, 2009 In reference to our FOIA request, the FBI has sent us 13 additional PENTTBOM videos. This is the second round release (not counting the CCTV Pentagon, CITGO, and Doubletree video releases). Each...

Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Debunkers with Stewart Bradley

Debunking the '9/11 Debunkers' With Stewart Bradley by John-Michael Talboo Debunking the Debunkers John-Michael Talboo (JMT)-Q: So Stewart, let's jump right into our shared passion of debunking the so-called 9/11 debunkers shall we? You have put together some...

Bin Laden may have arranged family’s US exit: FBI docs

So now Osama bin Laden himself may have arranged these charter flights? How on earth could that even be a possibility? What airline would ALLOW him to charter a plane after 9/11? Was it chartered before 9/11? This stinks to high heaven. We know that prince Bandar was involved in these flights, and that he met with President Bush immediately before these flights occurred. Top officials knew about them, without question. And just how could bin Laden have arranged these flights for family members from whom he was supposedly so estranged? If the documents suggest the possibility he did the arranging, how could his family members not have been more throughly questioned? Does the behavior of the FBI depicted here in the DAYS IMMEDIATELY AFTER 9/11 square with what you have since learned about the behavior of law enforcement and intelligence regarding the detention of suspected terrorists in the last few years? They sweep up EVERYONE, even when they have no straightforward connection of terrorism. The FBI is lying. These flights got political clearance, and those on the flights were obviously politically protected. The President knew about them, and post-9/11 White House guest Bandar Bush has his fingerprints all over these flights. The mind boggles eight different ways from this story. All we know for certain is that there is no limit to the contempt your leaders have for you.

Colorado 9-11 Visibility Events Draw Front Page Story in the Denver Post

Weekend events in Denver and Boulder Colorado proved to be successful on many levels. The events sponsored by Colorado 9-11 Visibility and 911truth.org, 9/11 Research; Why the Official Story Cannot Be True, brought Scholars for 9/11 Truth Steven E. Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Kevin Barrett to town with the aim at bringing heightened awareness and visibility to the 9/11 cover-up. It appears that Colorado 9-11 Visibility has done just that earning a front page story in the Denver Post.

AZ Radio Host Deconstructs Popular Mechanics 9/11 Disinfo Researcher

9/11 Facts and Myths: Charles Goyette interviews Davin Coburn, editor and researcher of Popular Mechanics's original 9/11 conspiracy slam and disinfo hit piece. Charles Goyette interviews Davin Coburn https://911truth.org/wp-content/uploads/A003I060823-am-c3.mp3 UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT Popular Mechanics: Davin Coburn "researcher, editor, reporter...