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Why Louis Freeh Should Be Investigated For 9/11

“The FBI has proven for the past decade it cannot identify and prevent acts of terrorism against the United States and its citizens at home and abroad. Even worse, there is virtually no effort on the part of the FBI’s International Terrorism Unit to neutralize known and suspected terrorists residing within the United States.”[1] ... Judicial Watch pointed to a “legacy of corruption” at the FBI under Freeh, listing the espionage scandal at Los Alamos National Laboratories, as well as “Filegate, Waco, the Ruby Ridge cover-up, the Olympic bombing frame-up of Richard Jewell, [and] falsification of evidence concerning the Oklahoma City bombing.”[4]

Attorney General contender carries 9/11 related baggage

If you agree 9/11 commission member and long-time coverup professional, Jamie Gorelick, should not be nominated to be Attorney General under the Obama Administration, please DIGG this article and send the synopsis and a link to President-elect Obama at Change.gov.