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9/11 Presents Challenges for Giuliani

While CNN's story about Giuliani doesn't get into most of the real issues regarding 9/11, including his possible foreknowledge of or role in the attacks, it does show that our leaders' actions on and after 9/11 are starting to be questioned and the phony "hero" veneer of our leaders in connection with 9/11 is starting to be challenged. (ed from GeorgeWashington's post at 911blogger.com)

Some of Giuliani’s ‘9/11 Problems’…

Two articles from Firefightingnews.com pertaining to Giuliani's bid for the presidency... and some his "9/11 problems." Those who were involved, in one way or another, and who were directly affected by his decisions before, on and after 9/11, have a story to tell that's different from mainstream media's promotion of him as a 9/11 hero.