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The Libby Commutation: Coincidence, or Conspiracy?

Thom Hartmann appropriately focuses in on a deeply troubling aspect of the Libby commutation. He asks whether Libby, Bush and Cheney conspired to buy Libby's silence on the question of White House involvement in the Plame scandal, in return for commuting and/or pardoning Libby.

The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. Libby clammed up all of a sudden in February 2007, and withdrew threats to call Cheney, Karl Rove and other White House staffers to the stand during his trial. No one does that without an assurance that they will be repaid for it.

Best of all for the criminal conspirators, since the conspiracy is ultimately unprovable, the gutless mockingbirds in the corporate press can stay silent on the conspiracy and claim there's no 'hard evidence' any deal was cut. Never mind, of course, that there is not a one of them that doesn't believe a conspiracy of silence was hatched.

Welcome to post-Constitutional USA, where obvious cover-ups are engineered in plain sight, everyone in the media knows it and no one does a goddamned thing about it. The very definition of 'dual consciousness'.

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