“What Do We Know Ten Years Later?: A Historical Investigation” Dr. Daniele Ganser lecture

Posted October 31, 2011
From YouTube User Channel Kostafleer

University of Basel Lecture given September 11, 2011 “What Do We Know Ten Years Later?: A Historical Investigation” by Swiss Historian and Peace Researcher Daniele Ganser, Ph.D. University of Basel, in cooperation with University of Indiana.

911 - Prof Dr. Daniele Ganser - 10 Years after the Terror Attacks on 9/11

Dr. Ganser is author of NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe, which “describes how secret armies were set up across Western Europe during the Cold War by NATO and the CIA and how in some countries these secret soldiers were linked to terror, torture and coup d’etats.”

CIA Director George Tenet speaking with Condi Rice, George Bush and Dick Cheney in Oval Office

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