The Face of Courage


Opportunity #1:

Dear fellow peace and 9/11 truth activists,

We call upon your help today for volunteers.

Long before the good Dr. David Ray Griffen and the respectable Richard Gage AIA, there were few “credible” folks who dared to challenge the official 9/11 narrative. As we all know, it’s taken almost seven painful years to get to where we are today.

We’d like to remind our fellow 9/11 truth patriots about one very credible woman who long ago stood (and still stands) by the 9/11 truth movement, and that is former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Now is the time that Cynthia needs us to stand by her. The mainstream media has not mentioned her at all, but Cynthia is running for President of the United States on the Green Party ticket.

We need you to donate your time, as a phone bank volunteer. This will cost you nothing, and you can give as little or as much time as you can. But time is not an option for us. We only have 1 week to try and raise $5000 dollars in 20 states to receive matching funds.

Anyone willing to come on board immediately please call Hugh Esco at (770) 755-1543 to become a phone bank volunteer. You will need access to a computer and a phone, and be willing to donate 6o minutes or hopefully more to phone calls. People who have good long distance phone services are needed for out of state call lists.

Please forward this message far and wide!

We urge you to come on board with us and help Cynthia create funding, votes and support. This is a woman whose reputation and congressional record speaks of peace, justice and humanity.

Help us bring a 3rd party message to this corporate two-headed duopoly that continues to sell out the American Public.

Thank you,

Good Karma PR

P.S. In case you need to be reminded of how courageous this woman is, check out this YouTube video of Cynthia grilling Rumsfeld

Opportunity #2:

Declare Your Independence from Tweedle Dum / Tweedle Dee Politics Gregg Jocoy July 06, 2008

With a week to go, the Green Party is preparing to meet in Chicago. Forty years after the tumultuous Democratic Party convention in that same city, Greens are poised to put a true heavyweight on ballots all across America. Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney spent twelve years representing the voters of her Atlanta area Congressional District. This followed her four years in the Georgia state legislature. Her steadfast advocacy for civil rights, environmental sanity, an end to perpetual war, and voter protection has earned the respect of millions across the globe. From Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Jamaica, NYC the name Cynthia McKinney is synonymous with the phrase “on my side”.

The McKinney campaign has laid out a set of common sense goals for the campaign. She plans to help state chapters across the nation win ballot access. She will work to support local and state wide Greens in their campaigns, as she has already done. And she hopes to secure federal matching funds for her primary campaign. These goals, while reachable, cannot be assumed. The federal matching funds effort needs your support, and needs it today.

Why should you consider donating to Cynthia McKinney’s campaign? Well, for many there may be no reason. If you believe the nation is better off with the USA PATRIOT act, then McKinney’s demands that the law be repealed will not set well with you. If you believe women don’t suffer violence at the hands of those they love, she’s not your choice, since she has supported legislation on violence against women. If you believe that corporations should be allowed to pollute in foreign lands in ways that would mean jail time here in the US, her demand that US companies abide by environment & labor standards overseas would put her off the table. Then again, if you agree with her on those things, why not pony up a few dollars in support of her campaign?

Not persuaded yet? Perhaps you believe Barack Obama is the right place to put your dollars. I won’t tell you not to give to Obama if you are so moved. Considering the hundreds of millions of dollars to be raised and spent over the course of this campaign, those donations are important.

But for McKinney they are crucial . If twenty people from a state donate $250 a piece to her campaign she will move one step closer to the goal of $5000 each from 20 states. Seven states have raised that much and more, while a dozen others are painfully close. Several more states, including my state of South Carolina, are pushing hard to bring in the money needed to wrap this up for McKinney, and for the future of the Green Party. Ballot access will be one of the things the McKinney campaign will use matching funds to support.

So, even if you have given to Obama, why not donate to McKinney as well. You know that her campaign will help build the Green Party and it’s base of support in the Black community, as well as in already established Green communities where her campaign has been well received. Remember, McKinney has attended and spoken at Green Party national meetings in the past, and has also sent video taped greetings. Many Greens from across the nation went to Georgia to help her in her race for Congress because they knew that she was as Green as she can be, and our values are her values.

So, I have a proposal for you. Declare your independence by going to McKinney’s website and donating $177.60 to her campaign. Or, if that is too deep in the wallet, give $17.76. Of course, if you can swing it, give $1776.00 But the main thing is, give. Give to keep Cynthia McKinney’s voice in the debate. Give to build an alternative to the tweedle-dum / tweedle-dee politics of the Democrats and Republicans. Give to support a champion for grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom, non-violence and social justice. Give to support yourself, your values, your family’s future. And please, give today.

Gregg is a 49 year old father of two daughters and grandfather to two granddaughters. He is a micro-business owner and chair of the York County (SC) Greens and is a member of the steering committee of the South Carolina Green Party.

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Latest Email Communication from the Power to the People Campaign:

Hello Powerful People:

Welcome to the 11th issue of the Power to the People Committee, Cynthia McKinney for President Weekly Update.

— The Convention is this week! —

This is our last issue before the Chicago Nominating Convention. This is also our last week to qualify for Federal Matching Funds. We have so many states which are so close that it would be a shame to not use this final week to push the campaign over the top.

If you are from any of these states:

Arizona, D.C., Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Wisconsin

Your urgent action to put us over the top is needed now. We also need two additional states to enter the mix and help us make a difference.

— Federal Matching Funds Qualifying Report —

Seven down, thirteen states and three days to go!

Will your state help make this happen? Time is running short. please write. We want to help you deliver results!

Here are new preliminary numbers on our progress through the end of June. Supporters in seven states have raised $5k or more to qualify us so far: California, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Illinois, Texas and Washington.

These states’ residents have already given $1,000 or more and are on their way towards that goal: Arizona ($2.1k), Conneticut ($1k), D.C. ($4.4k), Florida ($3.5k), Iowa ($1k), Massachusetts ($1.8k), Maryland ($1.6k), Maine ($3.7k), Minnesota ($4.4k), New Jersey ($3.7k), Oklahoma ($1k) and Wisconsin ($2.1k). Colorado, Georgia and Pennsylvania are the next closest to entering the running at the $1k level. (Unaudited figures current through June 30th, 2008; indicates change since last month).

We’re hearing that folks in Louisianna are mobilizing to join this effort. But others are needed. Drop us a line. We have lists for phone banking, and advice for how a few determined supporters in each state can help us meet this goal.

— Delegate Update —

With 30 states now reporting, McKinney has 304.5 delegates out of the 602 that have been awarded for the Green Party National Convention in Chicago, July 12. We are only a few days out now from the Chicago Convention. It is likely that we will win this Nomination, but only if our Delegates make it to Chicago. If you are a McKinney Delegate who has not yet confirmed your travel plans for the Convention, or whose state has not yet filed its Credentials Application, please be in touch. We’re committed to each and every McKinney Delegate being in place to help deliver the Party’s nomination on Saturday, July 12th.

— What’s New on the Website —

Glen Ford, of Black Agenda Reports says: Cynthia McKinney Deserves Your Support, Obama Does Not. In this piece he writes: “self-described progressives of all races cannot excuse their own docility in the face of Obama’s rightward lunge – especially when there exists one last opportunity to threaten the Democratic nominee-to-be with a backlash against his betrayals of progressive principles” Read the full article at:

Cynthia joins Cindy Sheehan’s Congressional campaign against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, saying, “The point was to change Washington, D.C., but instead Washington, D.C. changed Nancy Pelosi.”

Blogger Roseanne Barr once again endorses McKinney, writing that she is “the first woman in history to run as the nominee of a viable party.”

The audio recording of the most recent Green Party Presidential debate is now available for listening online or downloading.

— Campaign Visibility —

The campaign is now sorting through scheduling requests for post-Convention July and August. If Cynthia has not been to your state yet, and you’d like to host her for a campaign fundraiser, now is the time to make your request known. Please use the Scheduling Request option at:

Cynthia will have a full schedule of forums, meetings and receptions at the Chicago Convention. Don’t miss her Saturday acceptance speech on CSPAN if you can’t be with us in Chicago.

Watch for Friday morning’s Press Conference at which Cynthia is expected to announce her running mate for the Fall election.

— Help Wanted —

Your volunteer time, skills and energy Power this Campaign. To jump into the mix, please complete this form, so we know how you’d like to help. Depending on how you mark the form, you’ll hear from your state volunteer coordinator, or directly from the national campaign by email and / or phone to let you know how you can get involved.

* Help Us With Our Final Pre-Nomination Fundraiser

Anyone who will be in Chicago the weekend of July 12, we need help fundraising. Cynthia will be holding a fundraiser, Friday night. Once she is officially nominated, campaign donations will no longer be eligible for Federal Matching funds. We need volunteers to spread the word, distribute information, set up, clean up, and, of course, donate!

* Join Our Phone Bank Team

Seeking enthusiastic supporters with good verbal communication skills and telephone presence to help staff our growing Virtual Phone Bank operation now being launched by the campaign. No cold take-out pizza or loud boiler rooms involved. You can pick your hours, work at home and are asked to provide your own unlimited long distance calling plan and internet connection. We provide a web application to access our database of voters and in which you can directly record your notes while you are on the call. We also provide call scripts, training and support and the number to our campaign offices where you can direct questions you are not prepared to handle yourself. Phone bank jobs will vary from cold calling voter lists to conduct voterID work, to reconnecting with known supporters to mobilze volunteers and raise contributions, to conducting GOTV calls in the final days of this campaign.

* Make our campaign visible in your community

Please use the campaign materials linked from the right sidebar of our campaign website, to make your candidate and her campaign visible in your community. We can’t build this campaign in your community without your help.

* Make Sure We Are Communicating with Your Local Media

Help us identify important media contacts in your community. Please make it known to your local media outlets that you support the McKinney campaign. Direct them to the campaign web site, where interested parties can fill out a Media Request form to arrange for interviews, radio call-ins and subscriptions to our VNR feed. Also, please share your local media list with our press secretary by sending it to him at

— Joining our Updates list —

To all new readers, thank you for subscribing to the Power to the People Committee Campaign Updates. To all readers, new or otherwise, please encourage your friends and family to join the campaign by sending them this link:

Or they can access the subscription form from the campaign web site.

Until next week, we trust with Cynthia as the Green Party nominee,

— The Campaign Team

Paid for by the Power to the People Committee, Cynthia McKinney for President

Editor’s Note:

So you think the two-party system may not be working? The nation gave Democrats the majority in Conress last election–have things turned around? Think corporations have more power over your elected officials than you? When’s the last time you tried to set an appoinment to actually talk with your Rep or get a real response to your letter or phone call? Go ahead–try it. The nation’s fed up. A June Gallup poll found that just 19% of Americans “approve of the way Congress is doing its job.”

Ready for a change but think you have no choice? Think again… Consider Cynthia McKinney, currently running for president (not that the corporate media would mention it…). Cynthia was one of the lone voices of courage in American government until she was run out of office through political shenanigans in 2006. Apparently, demanding answers from Donald Rumsfeld and General Myers on the Pentagon’s missing trillions, DynCorp’s slave trade, and the 9/11 wargames during the House Hearing on FY06 Defense Budget, March 11, 2005, was the last straw.

Wait … don’t remember seeing that in the media? Not surprising. When was the last time you saw this kind of direct courage displayed in our government?

Perhaps you are aware that Rep. McKinney chaired the extensive 9/11 Omission Hearings in September 2004. Many of our readers weren’t even involved in this effort in 2004, yet here she was that early, risking her office to publicly demand answers. Have a look at her site,–9/11 is certainly not the only issue on which she’s taken an unpopular stance. She’s been demanding truth for a long, long time.

9/11 Truth Advocates DO have a choice. And an opportunity. As we ask candidates and elected officials to stand for truth, we have an obligation to stand with those who’ve done just what we asked–demanded truth. This woman has been standing with us, and for us, for years. How can we help? Read on…

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