The Final Executive Order: Death of the Republic


by Ron Holland

This is a fictional story showing how the last vestiges of the republic, your personal wealth and gold could disappear in 24 hours.

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” — Frank Zappa

Several weeks ago, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced Obama’s sudden executive order favoring illegal aliens. This was just one of many presidential executive orders and actually not a big deal but this tool will likely be the legal mechanism used to financially lock down America similar to the way a warden limits privileges and movement in a prison complex. Executive orders, unless they are challenged, can allow a president to rule by decree. This is basically what our once great republic has been reduced to.

Presidential Executive Orders Are the Greatest Threat To Our Nation

Many presidents have used the power of presidential executive orders but among the most harmful were Franklin Roosevelt’s Executive Order 6102 signed on April 5, 1933 that authorized the confiscation of private gold and Executive Order 9066 imprisoning 110,000 Japanese Americans in “War Relocation Camps.” Lincoln also issued countless executive orders authorizing arrest and imprisonment of opposition newspaper reporters and editors as well as suspending the writ of habeas corpus widely across the Union. Of course, you will not read much about this in the history books.

How A Financial Lockdown Could Happen

This is a fictional story written to illustrate how an executive order could be crafted in a real or contrived false-flag crisis in order to impose a total financial lockdown against productive America that could confiscate nearly 100% of your wealth and destroy any remaining liberties.

This would be an American version of the Reichstag fire event that allowed Hitler and the Nazis to rule Germany by emergency decree. The spark could be a European bank run, sovereign debt collapse or capital controls contagion crossing the Atlantic and reaching the already bankrupt United States. It could be a real military or oil crisis in the Middle East, terrorist attack, Israeli military attack or contrived false flag operation designed to provide the justification for a presidential executive order that could take the rest of your net worth over the course of a single night.

The few remnants of the original republic of our Founding Fathers along with our remaining wealth and liberties could easily be destroyed over 24 hours by a pre-planned presidential executive order during a future real or contrived crisis.

The Threat is the Same Under A GOP or Democrat President

Presidential elections today are meaningless reminders of an earlier time when it mattered which party or presidential candidate won an election. It could happen just as easily under Romney as Obama. Both are intelligent, family oriented individuals that make the best front men, crafted to put a human face in front of a mercantilist/fascist system of government controlled by a power elite that has ruled over the US since at least 1913.

Will an Executive Order Like This Actually Take Place?

It could happen. I’ve tried to show how this kind of crisis could be manufactured or promoted to create the public justification and support for these broad actions, although I believe the financial actions alone may be all that is really necessary. After all, a full-blown police state really isn’t a good way to run a country and would be counter productive when all they really want are your assets.

My goal is to explore the possible political, financial and economic consequences of the next crisis or attack and prepare a worst-case scenario Presidential Executive Order response. Remember, all governments with a couple of exceptions are already bankrupt thanks to the sovereign debt conspiracy.

The actual solution is sovereign debt repudiation but this would threaten the major banks, their central banking accomplices and their political partners-in-crime. Therefore, “austerity” is a pleasant term to frame dramatic tax increases and cuts in government services and programs and this is the near-term solution combined with unimaginable money creation by the central banks.

However, the time is coming soon when the fiat money creation must stop or else the world will erupt into severe hyperinflation again threatening those institutions and political structures that created the economic downturn “depression” now ravaging and destroying the world economy. They now require a dramatic excuse, an emergency so frightening as to motivate Americans into voluntarily giving up their wealth and remaining freedoms to maintain the system a little longer while the financial and political elites search for a way out to escape blame and the consequences of their actions.

I fear their solution will become known in a future history, assuming eventually liberty forces prevail, as “The Final Presidential Executive Order.” On the other hand, should the tyranny prevail, none of this will make it into the history books.

The Final Presidential Executive Order

Recently we have been reading about how Spain is basically outlawing cash and the nation of Hungary forced private retirement funds into a government plan. Domestically we read how drones will be patrolling American skies, continued TSA outrages, proposed Internet controls, passports being confiscated for back taxes, the government war against gold, threats of public protests and the death of personal and financial privacy.

The march toward a police state controls at home continues but the American people need to be warned how this may not continue as a step-by-step process. A real or contrived crisis could create an overnight clampdown by Presidential Executive Order rendering all countermeasures by US citizens too late to protect their wealth, liberties, investment liquidity or gold investments dead in the water.

I suggest a real or contrived financial, military or terrorism emergency could quickly turn the United States into a presidential dictatorship overnight with little opportunity for recourse by private citizens or Congress. This is an extreme example of what could happen should the need arise. American citizens would quickly become wards and serfs of the federal government without recourse to protect their property, wealth or right to practice their religion, school their children or travel outside the country.

Read this short story and see how easy it would be for a presidential executive order to immediately wipe away all pretexts of civil liberties, financial security, property rights, the Bill of Rights and Constitutional protections all in the name of protecting the nation.

Frankly, I believe most presidential executive order conspiracy theories prior to 9/11 were mostly doomsday mongering and scare tactics by writers, editors and others marketing to Americans who were more fearful of big government than any real threat. But like everything else in the United States today, these formerly inflated concerns are now real threats to your liberty and wealth. With the power of Executive Orders, the president can basically rule the nation by executive decree in times of severe emergency — defined by the executive branch alone — with the full force of law.

These actions are difficult to prohibit legally because the powers of a president are quite broadly defined by the Constitution. According to our reading of the Constitution, it does not define or limit the power of the president to rule by executive order, except in the larger context of the Constitution in general.

The Terror Attack Scenario: September 11, 2014

At noon during a normal lunch hour, a number of relatively small conventional explosive blasts hit major metropolitan areas in the United States. In New York City, a large truck bomb went off across the street from the New York Stock Exchange, causing extensive damage to the floor of the NYSE, as well as computer and communications equipment. A telephone call prior to the blast announced solidarity with the original anarchist attack against the very same building back on September 16, 1920. The news was filled with experts blaming Iranian terrorists and modern-day anti-Washington anarcho-capitalist elements who hated the American government.

The Wall Street subway station was also bombed, resulting in a number of casualties. In Salt Lake City a briefcase filled with explosives was left in a skyscraper elevator housing the Goldman Sachs offices and detonated when the building was full of office workers preparing to go out for lunch. Although the death toll was minimal, this resulted in an outpouring of condolences and support for the firm and a visit from the President a couple of days later to show solidarity with the firm and its capitalistic activities.

Suburban malls in Minneapolis and San Francisco, as well as a casino in Las Vegas were also damaged by small bombs, leaving almost 100 people dead and wounded. Finally, a small explosion from within a safe deposit box in the vault of the Bank of America building in Charlotte went off. Although no one was injured in this instance, other deposit boxes and their private contents were consumed in the small explosion. Moreover, additional small bombs went off in safe deposit boxes in two other banks, in Atlanta and Seattle, creating a sense of panic and disarray for bank customers wondering if their bank would be next.

A broad sense of public terror was increasing by the minute, making the situation and financial costs much worse. The American stock and bond markets were closed as investors remembered what happened after the earlier 9/11 terrorist attacks. Subways, planes and high-rise building elevators were almost empty as the public feared additional attacks. Malls and shopping centers, casinos, banks and major hotels were strangely quiet as people stayed away. The American economy was shutting down and grinding to a halt.

By 6:00 PM, just in time for the 6:30 nightly new programs, Janet Napol, Secretary of the Homeland Security Agency together with President Barry O’Romney held a joint news conference announcing 30 suspects were already in custody. Most were young radical Islamists who had recently graduated from Madrasah style Islamic schools in the targeted cities and several were home schooled. There also appeared to be direct financial links between some domestic rightwing extremists, the terrorists, Hezbollah and, of course, Iran.

The President reported that a tip from Israeli intelligence had allowed the government to react quickly and forestall a planned second wave of attacks. He thanked them for their efforts. More news emerged as files found on the personal computers of the deceased and detained alleged terrorists clearly showed that the suspects had financed their operation with funds wired from outside the country and through large amounts of cash currency secretly kept in bank safe deposit boxes.

The President then appealed to the public for their support and highlighted the need for them to stay calm during the emergency. He announced that effective noon EST the next day, September 12, 2014, a Presidential Executive Order would be released in response to the attack that would safeguard the American public and protect our nation from another attack such as this. He affirmed that this kind of unwarranted attack against innocent civilians and our financial interests would never happen again. He insisted that all the perpetrators, both domestic and foreign, as well as any conspiring organizations or governments would be swiftly brought to justice.

Finally, he placed the US armed forces on high alert and ordered a carrier task force, which happened to be standing by off the coast of Iran near the Straits of Hormuz, to prepare for action. In addition, he called for unity among the American people and warned politicians and all facets of the media about their duty to understand that America was now in a state of war with the terrorists.

Any and all anti-American activities and other actions that might divide the American people, deny the seriousness of or question the coming emergency actions, especially the following day’s Presidential Executive Order, would be prohibited for the duration of the terrorism emergency. One reporter from an alternative Internet news site sitting in the audience loudly questioned whether the President would ask Congress to issue a Declaration of War. She was immediately escorted from the press conference by the Secret Service with most of the press core booing her suggestion.

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”– Thomas Jefferson

The Executive Order

Office of the Press Secretary

September 12, 2014

Executive Order 16-666 on Domestic Terrorism And Response to the 9/11/2014 Attack Safeguarding the American public by blocking property and prohibiting money, cash and gold transfers; public and educational propaganda with persons who commit, threaten to commit or support terrorism.

By the authority vested in me as President in the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to strengthen the efforts of the Department of Homeland Security, as well as all Federal, State and local agencies, executive order 16-666 is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Establishment. The Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary) shall immediately establish within the Department of Homeland Security (Department) a Domestic Terrorism Response Team (Task Force) to be named the Board of Executive Action Stopping Terrorism (BEAST).

Section 2. Membership and Operation. (a) The Task Force shall be limited to the following members or employees, all of whom will be no lower than the level of Assistant Secretary or its equivalent:

(i) the Secretary of Homeland Security, who shall serve as Chair; the Secretary of State; the Secretary of the Treasury; the Secretary of Defense; the Attorney General; the Secretary of Agriculture; the Secretary of Commerce; the Secretary of Labor; the Secretary of Health and Human Services; the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; the Secretary of Education; and) such other officers or employees of the Department of Homeland Security as the Secretary may from time to time designate; and such other officers of the United States as the Secretary may designate from time to time, with the concurrence of the respective heads of departments and agencies concerned.

Section 3. Functions. Consistent with applicable law, the Task Force shall:

(a) Provide direction to executive departments and agencies concerning the immediate emergency response required to protect and safeguard the nation and our financial infrastructure from internal and external terrorist attack. Due to prohibitions against ethnic and racial profiling, this emergency Presidential Executive Order will cover all Americans equally without regard to religious, ethnic, racial or political views and beliefs. To this end, we immediately implement the following temporary emergency actions, federal legislation, regulations and requirements to become effective at 12:00 Noon, tomorrow, on September 13, 2014.

(Seizure & Immediate Taxation of All Private Safe Deposit Box Contents)

(b) The Safe Banking Accountability Act — Every bank, including its personnel and customers, are threatened by the risk of future safe deposit box bombs. Therefore, all bank and private safe deposit boxes are hereby sealed and closed for 90 days or longer until a complete inventory of every box in the nation is completed by approved bank personnel and appropriate government agencies, to include but not limited to the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI and Homeland Security. All the contents are to be reviewed and an inventory prepared for the box owner of record and such approved bank or government personnel as the Department of Homeland Security deems as appropriate.

After the inventory is completed, all private records and legal documents may be retained and stored in the box, but the box holder may only utilize the same box in the future in conjunction with monitoring of contents by approved bank personnel. At the time of inventory, all currency, gold, precious metals or collectibles exceeding $1,000 in fair market value will become the temporary property of the US Treasury until such time as the box holder shall provide records and cost basis of the purchase. The difference between cost and fair-market value will be immediately declared as income and taxed accordingly. Failure to show adequate records will also result in the immediate taxation and requirement of payment of income taxes on the deemed fair market value with a cost basis of zero.

(Full Disclosure & Taxation of All Private Gold & Cash Hoarding Outlawed)

(c) The Gold and Currency Protection Act — In order to protect the American public from future terrorism incidents by limiting the potential terrorist ability to fund unlawful activities, the Gold and Currency Protection Act will prohibit the future ownership of gold, silver and currency in amounts exceeding $1,000 without the filing and completion of new Treasury Disclosure Forms. Effective immediately, all cash transactions in the United States exceeding $500 are prohibited and punishable by fines and jail time not to exceed $25,000 and five (5) years.

(Immediate Call-in of Existing Dollar Currency & Replacement With New Legal Tender Currency)

(d) The Terrorism Emergency Safe Currency and Debit Card Initiative — All existing United States currency now circulating in the United States and around the world will be withdrawn from circulation as legal tender within five (5) business days and replaced with a new currency with superior counterfeiting safeguards. All private holdings of cash are to be surrendered and exchanged at your local bank for a “Terrorism Emergency Debit Card” within the next five (5) business days.

Detailed records, receipts and a paper trail must accompany all transactions exceeding $1,000 to the source of funds. Any old currency held after the five (5) day period will not be redeemed and will not be considered legal tender by the United States. No currency deposits or withdrawals will be allowed in existing bank accounts exceeding $1,000 for the duration of the terrorism emergency.

Following the end of the emergency every American will be required to pay for all future financial transactions over $100 with their debit, credit or Terrorism Emergency Debit Card. Cash hoarding or structuring in order to avoid any cash limits will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

(Immediate Passport & Drivers License Seizure For Any Unpaid Tax Obligations)

(e) The Secure Borders & Tax Liability Act — No American citizen or green card holder owing taxes to any federal, state or municipal authority or property taxes in excess of $1,000 shall be allowed the privilege of travel out of or into the United States. Our voluntary tax system requires full compliance and for this reason all tax records are required to be available and accessed by border control agents and/or the TSA at the border as well as all other forms of public transportation as well as at all periodic traffic checks.

If a tax liability is discovered passports as well as drivers licenses and other forms of ID shall be confiscated until such time as the taxes plus enforcement penalties not to exceed $10,000 per incidence shall be paid. All payments must be by debit or credit card and no cash payments will be permitted.

(Airborne Drones Will Spy On Extremist Threats & Track & E-Ticket All Traffic Violations)

(f) Drone Surveillance Crime Reduction Act — In order to free up law enforcement for public safety, traffic checks and crowd control, many tasks formerly handled by county, municipal, state and federal police forces will be taken over by our Federal Freedom Drone Forces.

(Temporary Closure of All Financial Institutions, Markets & Financial Products)

(g) The Financial Services Defense Act — All American investment markets, mutual funds, annuities etc. are frozen for the duration of the stock market closure due to the damage experienced by the terrorist attack on the New York Stock Exchange. This is a temporary closure but all commercial banks will remain open during the emergency in order to fulfill the safe deposit box and exchange of currency requirement mandated by this Presidential Executive Order. All future bank withdrawals, deposits and debit and credit card purchases will be monitored and evaluated by the US Treasury for the protection of the citizens of the United States.

(All Funds Transfers For Private Individuals Out Of or Into the US Prohibited Without Prior Full Disclosure & Approval)

(h) The Funds Transfer Protection Act — All bank transfers exceeding $1,000 including bank wires, checks etc. going to or from outside the United States by private individuals are hereby prohibited without the completion of the new Treasury Disclosure Forms and approval by your local financial institution.

(All Public Demonstrations & Anti-American Alternative Media Propaganda Curtailed)

(i) The Terrorism Emergency Denial Act — The terrorism emergency denial regulations prohibit any and all anti-American activities and other actions that might divide the American people or deny the seriousness of the present situation. Moreover, the government prohibits any protests over coming emergency actions like this Presidential Executive Order. Also forbidden is the encouragement of our enemies during this terrorism emergency.

(j) Effective immediately, all press publishing, reporting and editorials — including print, electronic, television, radio, all Internet news and blog sites and personal and private websites are hereby prohibited from denying or questioning the emergency or the government response until this terrorist emergency is declared over by the Department of Homeland Defense. The failure to follow these voluntary requirements and regulations may result in closure, fines and/or imprisonment.

(Total Washington Control & Monitoring of All Private Schools & End To Homeschooling)

(k) The Private School Protection Act — All private schools (including Christian schools) are hereby required to register their curriculum and materials with the Department of Homeland Security. Further, all classes and schools are subject to monitoring and review by the Department and subject to unannounced visits at any time in order to stop the spread of Islamic propaganda and the radicalizing of the American Moslem population. The registration and review will be equally applied on all public and private schools at the high school and college level.

(l) The Homeschool Reorganization Act — All homeschooling is hereby prohibited, effective September 12, 2014, for the duration of this emergency. All children from the 1st to the 12th grade are required to immediately register and attend the public or private school of their choice.

(National ID & Transaction Card For Every American Adult)

(m) The Citizens Homeland Protection, Illegal Immigration and Transaction Defense Act — Effective immediately all citizens of the United States, 18 years old or older, are required to register to vote in their local precinct and requested to also register for the new voluntary “Lawful Citizen Transaction Card” which will be scanned at the entrance to every place of business, meeting event and at such shopping areas and other citizen protection spot checks as the Department of Homeland Defense deems appropriate for the protection of the citizens of the United States. No financial transactions, purchases or sales will be allowed without a valid “Lawful Citizen Transaction Card” in order to monitor immigration and the terrorist threat to the United States.

To further protect our nation, starting in 60 days the public will be allowed to voluntarily request a safe and secure microchip placement in the forehead in lieu of the card, which can then be monitored at each required location by new equipment that will scan each citizen at point of purchase. These chips will include important blood type and vital statistics information and will allow law enforcement to track at will the location of every lawful citizen in the United States in order to protect this nation. This action will curtail illegal immigration and discourage illegals and potential terrorists from being able to transact business in the United States.

(Religious Freedom Curtailed For the Duration of the Emergency)

(n) The Religious Tolerance & Defense Act — All religious symbols, clothing, jewelry etc. as well as the dissemination of religious tracts and public missionary activity are hereby prohibited outside of churches and other religious institutions. All services, ordinances and private ceremonies at religious institutions are subject to review and monitoring by appropriate Homeland Defense Department personnel.

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to strengthen the efforts of the Department of Homeland Security and all Federal, State and local agencies to help defend our nation it is hereby ordered as follows:

(o) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.


September 13, 2014


And so on 9/13/2014, in a burst of patriotism and outrage at the death and carnage from the attack, the Senate voted 100 to 1 and Congress voted 434 to 3 in favor in a non-binding endorsement of the Presidential Executive Order. The people cheered and waved American flags, the opposition fell silent and our young men and women waited for the day when their Registration Acknowledgments were replaced with the draft cards and notices for the ongoing war in the Middle East.

Rand Paul, the lone dissenting Senator from Kentucky, and three Congressmen, the new representative Tom Davis from South Carolina, Lee in Utah and one other patriot, packed up their desks, resigned from the Congress and went home to their home states where they were, of course, barred from writing and commenting publicly by the Board Executive Action Stopping Terrorism Act (BEAST).

Accordingly, a long night of darkness fell over this former Republic and our remaining liberties. The Board of Executive Action Stopping Terrorism, which became known by its initials, BEAST, was enforced for the duration of the terrorist emergency which lasted for a number of years until the terrorism emergency and the BEAST were declared unconstitutional and The Final Presidential Executive Order 16-666 was cancelled.

This extreme scenario is meant to illustrate what could happen here in the United States. Still, the PC prohibitions on ethnic profiling could result in these types of government actions in the event of a real or contrived Islamic extremist terrorist attack on the United States. Unlike 9/11/01, there is nothing high tech about any of this. Although we use a combination name of Obama and Romney in the example simply because we don’t know who will be President at the time should this work of fiction happen, I foresee few real differences in the foreign or domestic policy of either party.

May the Final Presidential Executive Order never take place and may the American people restore their control over an out-of-control government. I fear the alternative of an Executive Order creating a financial lockdown over all of us that will continue until our private wealth is confiscated.

Quoting George Washington, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”

Ron Holland is CEO of Biologix Hair Inc., providing a revolutionary way to regrow your natural hair with the Biologix Hair Therapy Systemâ„¢. Contact him here.

Editor’s Note:
Ron Holland, CEO of Biologix Hair Inc., will be speaking at FreedomFest 2012 this week, July 11-14.
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