The Great Deception (Video)

The facts in Zwicker’s The Great Deception is still probably unknown to most Americans despite more than a decade and a half of coverage surrounding the 9/11 murders. The Great Deception touches on precedents or previous false flags that goaded a gullible public into supporting a war that was not connected to defending the US. The focus then turns to disclosing the lies and deception of the US government and media. -Ed.

What really happened on September 11? Why didn’t the White House, the Pentagon and the CIA succeed in stopping the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington? Have the mainstream media failed in their responsibility to ask searching questions about the events of that day?

Media critic Barrie Zwicker, the host of the Canadian TV show, “VisionTV Insight: Mediafile,” is one of the few North American journalists to offer an alternative viewpoint on the Sept. 11 tragedy. In this provocative six-part series of Mediafile commentaries, he challenges the official explanation for the attacks and considers the troubling implications of America’s new war.

TalkingStickTV - Barry Zwicker - The Great Deception

Poring over a wealth of published material, Zwicker finds much that has gone unexamined — from the apparent breakdown of American air defenses on Sept. 11, to the longstanding ties between U.S. intelligence and Osama bin Laden. He also takes a hard look at the actions of President George W. Bush in the midst of the crisis. And he ventures to ask what role U.S. oil interests may have played in these events.

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