The Week The Nation Went Down The 9-11 Rabbit Hole


We always knew that one good news event exposing the official deception of 9/11 could be the catalyst to unravel the Big Lie. We didn’t know there would be several news events in one week! Now we see what it looks like when the truth breaks loose.

Last Monday an article titled “The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll” by Mark Jacobson came out in New York Magazine. The 8,000 word article with photos gets to core questions still unanswered after 4 years, and delineates the four different possible viewpoints regarding the attacks. We get to view 9/11 in the context of other unsolved conspiracies and their cover-ups. One of the points most incriminating to the government is that NIST’s lead investigator stated that he couldn’t explain why Building 7 collapsed. This gets personal. Mark, the author, saw Building 7 freefall himself.

Right on the heels of this ground-breaking article, actor Charlie Sheen was interviewed by radio host and documentary producer, Alex Jones. Alex is known for his investigative work into false flag terror and New World Order machinations. Sheen expressed his grave doubts about the official explanation of 9/11 and gave detailed reasons why. He also witnessed part of that tragic day and is speaking from first hand experience. This was no ordinary person speaking out. His celebrity status coupled with what’s considered a “far-fetched conspiracist” viewpoint made this a very risky move and required great courage and exhibited great passion for truth. [You can thank Charlie Sheen via mail c/o Stan Rosenfield & Associates, 2029 Century Park East – Suite 1190, Los Angeles, CA 90067. A new website has just been registered, where citizens can enter letters of support for Charlie Sheen, as well, at

This explosive interview immediately caused a whirlwind of coverage on the net, with articles on,,, and, to name a few. Other print media such as the New York Post and Boston Herald carried stories. To top it off, CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight” carried three consecutive nights of programming that included clips of the Sheen interview, interviews with Alex Jones, a segment with researcher Mike Berger and film producer Nicole Rittenmeyer, a short clip of comments by Webster Tarpley, and an interview with journalist Mark Jacobson. Mark was also interviewed on Air America Radio’s Rachel Maddow show Friday morning. Sheen has now further addressed the press now, with a firm admonition to “Challenge Me on the Facts.”

Speaking of Air America, today host Randi Rhodes, known for her hard hitting investigative commentary mixed with raw humor and occasional shock-jock antics, took a call from a listener who saw the CNN coverage with the Berger/Rittenmeyer interview. Turns out Randi saw it, too. She said that was the best 10 minute news segment she’s ever seen, other than some segments on Bill Maher and John Stewart’s show and was amazed she would have to see this coverage on what is essentially a Hollywood gossip show. Randi went on to exclaim it was bizarre that Building 7 fell without being hit by a plane and how unbelievable it was that Hani Hanjour could have piloted that flight maneuver into the Pentagon.

CNN posted a poll on Thursday, asking whether people agreed with Charlie Sheen’s view that the government is covering up what really happened on 9/11. Final results of the poll –with over 52,600 votes cast, 84% agreed with Sheen.

And today, 3/28/06, CNN announced for tonight’s show, “Exclusive: Actor Ed Asner takes on the controversy over Charlie Sheen’s comments about a 9/11 conspiracy theory. (“Showbiz Tonight” airs live on Headline News at 7 p.m. and replays at 11 p.m.Eastern). He will be joined by Sander Hicks, Green Party Candidate for US Senate, to discuss 9/11 and the whistleblowers who tried to stop it.

Please take a moment to thank Showbiz Tonight for their ongoing coverage of 9/11 Truth. You can reach host A. J. Hammer at this weblink, or leave a general comment for CNN, supporting Hammer at this link. And join New Yorkers in thanking CNN tomorrow, 3/29/06, at a “Demonstration of Gratitude”“Demonstration of Gratitude” at Time-Warner Center.)

So the dam is breaking, the tide is turning, and the wave is cresting, truth lovers. Now we wait for more of our fellow citizens to wake up to the fact that people like Paul Craig Roberts, Howard Zinn, Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Daniel Ellsberg, and many more of their stature, have challenged the official account of 9/11. Maybe more family members and firemen will have the courage to come forward to reveal truth that will shed light on the deepest darkness imaginable to a nation raised to believe in goodness and liberty. It’s a good bet that citizens will finally become aware of some of the 115 omissions and distortions detailed in David Ray Griffin’s analysis of the fake investigation known as the 9/11 Commission Report. Maybe citizens will pay attention to the revelations of the Moussaoui trial and Able Danger proceedings which show that the scapegoats set up to look like hijackers were Oswalds — in other words, patsies or decoys. Now maybe people who hate the war, hate the assault on civil liberties, have had all they can stand with the undermining of the middle class, are shell-shocked with the trillions of debt caused by the war and terror economy, and are appalled with criminal negligence in the wake of Katrina, will all have an epiphany and realize 9/11 was the New Pearl Harbor called for by the Machiavellian mob who have overtaken the highest levels of government. Maybe a sizable majority will ask Congress why they have been complicit by allowing this criminal administration to function after committing acts of treason and crimes against humanity.

We have to be sensitive to the fact that as many of our fellow citizens slide into the rabbit hole where we’ve been they’ll have difficulty grappling with the notion that our own government was responsible for the massacre of 3,000 of our own people, (albeit they represent 84 different countries). There’s no shielding the na?ve from the fact that hundreds of thousands of our soldiers were exposed to Agent Orange during the Viet Nam War. Hundreds of thousands more were exposed to Depleted Uranium during Gulf War I, the Balkan War, and the current invasion of Iraq. Again, hundreds of thousands of our citizens who live and work in lower Manhattan were told the toxic air was safe to breathe in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. We have to objectively conclude that if our Joint Chiefs of Staff were willing to sacrifice our own citizens back in 1962 in the plot known as Operation Northwoods as a pretext to invade Cuba, our current government would sacrifice 3,000 of our people to justify their agenda to solidify superpower status as outlined by The Project For A New American Century’s policy paper, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, through an aggressive military strategy. This could only be supported out by an enraged, traumatized, fear-ridden public.

This week we’ve come a bit closer to viewing 9/11 as a gateway to understanding a pattern of events occurring over a span of many decades, designed to consolidate power and wealth in the hands of a tiny, ruthless ruling syndicate. We can look through this gateway and see the forces of empire, the source of the disease afflicting the planet for so long. This pathological power network has operated in extreme secrecy and has committed acts so heinous that the population would never suspect them. Let’s fact it, Hitler himself said, the bigger the lie, the easier it is to fool the people.

This week we’ve also come a bit closer to the point where we must see 9/11 as a bridge. We must see the other side of that bridge as a place where we have an informed populace, a truthful media, a Congress that truly represents the people, and a world that works together in cooperation to utilize the best in enlightened thinking and scientific development that enhances and ennobles the life of every human being. It’s up to all of us to collectively cross that bridge while the planet can still sustain us. Like never before, making the right transition into the future can only occur with a powerful vision. Is there really a choice?

Now for a look at what’s next, you may be asking “what can I do?” The answer is — continue to get informed and get active. Here’s how:

  • Review’s activism page, “Now That You Know, What Can You Do?
  • View 911Revisited for free online by clicking here.
  • See more educational video at
  • Order books and documentaries on DVD by clicking here. (Be sure to read The New Pearl Harborby David Ray Griffin.)
  • Become a 9/11 truth e-activist. Send articles to folks on your email list. For new people an excellent path to help make sense of this information is at “Welcome Truth Seeker,” and at the site
  • If you’re into blogging, please join our BloggerBrigade, which is a main component of our own 9/11 newswire. Read the description with our purpose at, then send an email to to subscribe.
  • We must all write letters-to-the-editor. We must all lobby the media for more coverage. Also, be part of our monthly grassroots action with Citizens Counter-Coup at where we’re organizing the movement beyond the usual choir.
  • I must end by saying thank you to all the hard-working activists and researchers who have endured great sacrifice by devoting so many hours of their lives to expose the truth of 9/11 without any assurance of success. We’ve paved the way for the opening that occurred this week, making it possible for others like Charlie Sheen, Erica Jong and Ed Asner to come forward. And of course, thanks to Alex Jones for all he’s done, and thanks to A.J. Hammer at CNN for opening the door. For all who have endured the media silence on 9/11 as we’ve reaped the consequences of the globalist plot, real progress may be on the horizon. For all who have been deprived of critical thinking and historical context and have only been able to view 9/11 through the lens of nationalistic outrage, we can only hope they’ll apply themselves to viewing the mountain of evidencewe’ve compiled and learning the facts. May truth prevail for the good of all.
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